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  1. Had a map recently where the only vacillator was out on the regolith asteroid. Would love to be able to relocate those even if it was super costly and I had to maintain the same number.
  2. The same error is also used for cases where there's an obstruction, like a ladder in the way. Would be nice to split those cases and have clearer messaging for each. Would be even better in SO to just decide that ladders are fine, actually, since sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't. But that might be a deeper change because ladders count as "buildings".
  3. The orbital cargo module is often more useful for this purpose. It looks like it's specialized for orbital drops but it's far more useful for general-purpose ad-hoc hauling. You can manually load 6T of pretty much anything, including critter eggs or seeds, and when you get to your destination you can instantly unload it with a click. It's also good when you need to transport something hot, like obsidian or iron fresh-from-the-volcano.
  4. One huge thing for me was when someone pointed out that you only need the egg incubators to be enabled long enough for your ranchers to lullaby it, and then they keep the buff for the rest of the day even without power. That means that if you set up a timer to only have it turned on for one 10% block of the day (and make sure your ranchers are awake during that time), you save 240W during the other 90% of the time. In Spaced Out I tend to have multiple ranches on each of my 3 main colonies, so that turned into a huge savings.
  5. OK, thanks for the explanation @sakura_sk. I can re-plumb and workaround. @EricKlei, not sure if you want to repurpose this bug or close it.
  6. I've also run into this in situations where there there was a tiny "slick" of liquid on top of another liquid, like Water on top of PWater, and the dupe was trying to get the clean Water.
  7. Thanks, I've been wishing for this as well, none of the key combos I tried were working.
  8. Conveyor thermo sensors seem to no longer be reliable. I use them in my cooling ponds for the outputs of volcanoes and rocket port unloaders. Sometimes they can delay for multiple seconds before activating or deactivating, which means that if you've got it paired up with a Conveyor Shutoff you could end up cooking your base (as I've now done twice). I'll write up a bug. Any chance these were changed from 1000ms to 4000ms simulation? Update: I have been informed that the issue I'm seeing is due to the sensor being on the output from a bridge, and it was a known issue before this build.
  9. Conveyor Rail Thermo Sensors no longer trip reliably in the latest public testing build (506365). It can sometimes take several seconds for them to flip on or off, which means if you've got it paired up with a Conveyor Shutoff to handle hot materials you can end up cooking your base. See attached screenshot and save file. Any chance these were recently changed from the 1000ms to the 4000ms simulation loop? The Plucky Cesspool.sav
  10. I was looking through the decompiled code for worldgen the other day, that's basically the whole basis of the algorithm. So probably not.
  11. This is the role that Gulp Pacu are supposed to fill, but folks haven't been using them because breeding has been a pain and until now they've had a tendency to entomb themselves in ice when they blow bubbles. The latest release on the testing branch apparently has a fix for that.
  12. So I've loaded up my existing game at about 480 cycles on my MacBook Pro. Initial impression is that the simulation is faster/smoother but panning around with WASD is distractingly "jumpy" while it's not paused, especially when zoomed out. The more athletic dupes also seem to jump as they run. Sometimes after I flip from one planetoid to another I'll briefly get a weird visual artifact that looks like shiny metallic tiles where they don't belong. But I can't reproduce it easily enough to capture a screenshot. No crashes in the past hour/5-6 Cycles, even with lots of QoL mods. My own two simple mods seem to be fine. According to my reports I have 53 domesticated critters and 96 wild ones. Pacus, Pufts, Dreckos, Slicksters, Hatches, Pokeshells, Pips, Bugs, and Slugs all seem to be moving as expected, with none stuck in the terrain when I loaded up. A lot of the dialogs and info panels are still slow to come up the first time. However, the Consumables dialog seems to come up faster after the first time (did they add some caching?), and it no longer seems to "jump" on you if you're not paused. Update: I was wrong, it does still reset the scrollbars every few seconds. Poop. But at least bringing it up is fast now. CPU is still topping out around 220%, but memory usage may have gone down. It's at 6GB right now where I think it was at 10GB the other day, but that was probably with multiple reloads. I'm hovering around 15-19 fps when not paused, so maybe that's why the motion seems jumpy; not sure what it was before. If they can smooth out the panning this looks like a pretty good update. I hope Klei is buying @Peter Han some beverages of choice.
  13. Right, so it requires an extra ingredient but it will apparently make your dupes sneeze (Hot Stuff). I'm just trying this with my existing Cycle 480 game so I likely won't see a Tonic Root until I start over.