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Enough of the WX suggestions. It's Jimmy's turn

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No more "WX this", "WX that", its time for Jimmy's turn. Give any ideas and interactions for Jimmy to make him more interesting and fun, than just existing to get bio data.


I was thinking that Jimmy could have a upgrade to add storage for circuits that you are not using. Or maybe just a 4 slot storage in general.

Many possibilities could be made.


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I think Jimmy is fine as is tbh.

I see people constantly complaining about how difficult it is to scan things with him, but I think it's a wonderful way to get people to think outside of the box instead of just brute forcing every task at hand. You can use an ice staff to freeze butterflies, scan rabbits at night or on a boat, or bait moleworms with flint and rocks.

If I had to choose something though, I would love it if Jimmy was similar to a critter in how he followed you, so that he could go into the caves without being picked up and put down again.

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1 hour ago, Nickolai said:

I hope jimmy gets skins that goes with WX's, like how Abigail got hers, and Wilson for his beards.

I would be fine if Jimmy's skins came in a future qol. It's not a important feature afterall.

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 I really like the idea where you can upgrade him to carry other circuits or maybe he can scan WX so you can choose which circuit you want to remove instead of having to remove them all. Each circuit can be removed 4 times before they crap out and if your hopping in and out of the caves it's surprising how quickly you can burn through them

And yes Jimmy needs skins.... plz with sugar on top

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