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Out of the way suggestion

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Figured I'd post this since it's a QoL update and still in beta, but perhaps could it be possible for some of Walter's rounds (namely freeze, slowdown and poop) to be reworked? 

Even if its just something as minor as making poop pellets ignore herd mentality (becoming useful for mobs like spiders or beefalo)  it would be cool, but id also love to see the purple and blue rounds getting AoE effects rather than single character. It'd definitely make walter more fun to play as

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I really just want poop pellets to not trigger the herd mentality mechanic.

I'd also like to see slowdown rounds not only slow down a mobs movement speed, but also slow down their attack period and maybe even animations, as a nod to Wanda's quote implying the slowdown rounds literally affect the flow of time on hit mobs. The Poison spear from SW is one of my favourite weapons because of how it slowed down the attack periods of mobs, it's a very simple but cool ability and would give a niche utility to Walter.

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