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  1. Be positive dude, Klei still has lots things to do, but maybe one day it will be greater and bigger than nowdays
  2. Yeah donation system is more acceptable but as you see Myth SALE their "SKINS", I is hard for myth team to change the sale to donation, because their "SKIN" is with a clearly marked price lol
  3. Forget it, I still can not agree with this roughly creation profit making, Minecrafts' Mod market is mature and rich experience, Klei would not reach the same lever like them in these years, and also could lead many problems. Make the workshop be pure, indeed.
  4. yep, so making Klei give a clear attidude about it is important, whatever it is legal or not at last, we still need a answer, not mute and silence. If myth profit making can be lisenced, it will be good for every one, sitimulaing more great DST works.
  5. Well actually about 75% of the world's servers don't have mods (from Dribble's resources). I don't think this Myth has generated much sales for Klei. Most importantly, as mentioned above, more and more Myth fans think Klei is a thief because they thought most DST ideas are stolen from Myth. It's horrible and ridiculous.
  6. I just want to make sure the attitude of Klei, if they clearly said"it is not right", so the CN players will know it's wrong and do not pay for or support it no longer, and this infringement could be shut down by pubulic opinion. The truth is few of CN player think it's unright and illegal, more and more consider it is just like OFFICIAL SKIN PURCHASE because of Klei ' s mute. The attitude and claim from Klei is very crucial
  7. So that's why I post this thread, if one modder can make huge money by their ingame purchase, so do I , or everyone. But the truth is no one did the work like myth team. It's totally unfair, right? So this problem should not ignored by Klei.
  8. The pic shows the Author of Myth mod said"Wanda's portal though ground and cave which is stealing from other mod". but the truth is the earlist similar portal mod was made by Zark. So you can see this guy, the author of myth mod has some weird......cheating.
  9. Actually it's just because there are so many players in CN, eh you know, the population. And the mod is very controversial in CN forums
  10. Warly' s Portable pot skin, PLZ I need a different kichen.
  11. yeah i know what you mean, its not premitted in DST, not every games. in MC the mod profit making is permitted, but Klei set the rules here, so we should follow it but seems Klei do nothing with it, actually the most i concerned about is the Klei's attitude, if they made the rules but did not make it fair, its so bad and unfair for other modders and the regular players(no one want a unreliable purchase) the most important thing you need to pay attention is that Authorized Certification, when you spend your money on it through Klei's authorization, you will be more reassured, will you?