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75 dmg for every deerclop's ice spike?

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31 minutes ago, Dr.Medic said:

cant belive they made deerclops stronger, and hes souposed to be 1 of the easy ones? now he can actualy 1 hit anything

no giant is supposed to be "easy". Deerclops sports the lowest health but I don't think that means he's designed to get ran over.

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Love this change.

Maybe not beginner friendly, but definitely a difficulty buff this boss needed.

No longer will we tank this guy with 2 log suits and a hambat!

Edit: Ok so it's a bug. I just hope they increase its base attack damage since Deerclops is in general just a 10 second fight and minor resource sink.

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I feel like they might need to tweak it a bit. It doing more damage innately is fine, but I don’t think they intended for it to bring a character at ~300 HP to zero if they stand in a somewhat incorrect spot.

The bug is also caused by a multihit attack, so if you have armor on, and your armor breaks midway through the multihit, there’s a good chance you will die immediately afterwards even if you have backup armor (as the game cant reequip the backup armor fast enough to protect you)

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2 hours ago, hhhhddh said:

I attacked by deerclop and take 143 dmg when the ice spike is sparse, and take over 200 dmg when the spike is serried。

It's a bug.

It has been marked fixed.

Idk if it's part of the latest hotfix.


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