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Bees and their place in the lore.

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This might seem like a joke post... But I'm serious, bees... they terrify me. Klei you did an amazing job with them.


1. The nature of bees.


First we need to discuss the bee lore itself.

There's a mural where the ancients are farming bees, it's this one right here2125136819_Screenshot_2022-01-28-17-46-55-5072.thumb.jpeg.f481f9840305916c3f783170e1672819.jpeg

This mural right here showcases the ancients farming honey before they went underground, meaning the bees are older then the ancients themselves. So the question remains what made them, well, a being that can see all. Let me explain.

Wicker when examining a bee reveals that they are western honey bee, you might be asking what does it have to do with anything? IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH EVERYTHING! It means the who ever created them was studying earth for 7,000,000 to 1903 years! And what if it wasn't created, but the bees traveled into the constant, if so their existence points towards there being a bridge between the constant and Earth. This. Is. Huge.

Unfortunately I don't know more about them other then this, if someone wants to add to this hypothesis, feel free.

2. Bees and how they work in DS and DST.


This will be sort of a wiki copy paste, so skip if you don't want to go through it.

Bees in DS are quite dangerous and formidable in the early days of exploration, they do 10 damage and have a range of 3 tiles which made them almost unkiteable in a group (which they often came with), however they have a 4% chance of dropping a bundling wrap blueprint, this is very important.

Bees in DST are absolute pushovers, they still do 10 damage but have a range of only 0.3 tiles, which allows you to literally walk through them as if they aren't even there. They don't even drop the bundling wrap blueprint. And I think I have a reason why.

3. The disruption of a bees way of life.


After Charlie overthrew Wilson and became the queen of the constant, her new reign came with new, nastier beasts. The most dangerous of these beasts is accessible day 1, Bee Queen. But let's take a step back, and ask ourselves how would a bee live before the time of monarchs.

First we need to talk about the way bee society was organized before Bee Queen. As far as I can tell they operated like tribes with little to no fighting between tribes, being in the military was mandatory for bees over 2 days and crime rate was none, they were strong too and feared. Here's a story of their last their people.


This is a picture of both Bill and Joe. They're simple bees who live simple lives inside a hippy lumberjacks beebox.

They have jobs753490065_Screenshot_2022-01-28-18-41-56-6402.thumb.jpeg.c1d4f0a6dc700d2afc5a86ac11c75bbf.jpeg


They have dreams576640412_Screenshot_2022-01-28-18-43-53-5322.thumb.jpeg.4195b0648589e9a07dc48024964ec0a4.jpeg


Bill even has a crush who he wants to settle down with1162293183_Screenshot_2022-01-28-18-46-35-3892.thumb.jpeg.67453c2fa3e177292ca3b27882b85f51.jpeg




But all of this ended when They arrived, dreams were crushed, valuables taken, lives ruined, all so that bees can be secured as easy expendable warriors for Them, btw, these pictures are the last pictures of Bill and Joe together, please contact Joe if you found his missing brother.




Bee Queen's takeover was very, very bloody, with half the bee population dying at the hands of the grumbles, but suddenly it all stopped one day, and bees civilization had met it's end. No one knows why it all stopped so suddenly but I have a theory. Oh and she also stole the Bundling wrap blueprint one of the bees most prized possession.

4. The Crown.


When a character equips a Bee Queen crown other characters in their vicinity can't help themselves but bow, even singing praise, it's almost as if the crown is controlling them.

Call earlier when I pointed out the strength difference of bees in DS and bees in DST, I think there is a reason why things are this way.

Bee Queen's crown emits messages, essentially sort of like pheromones, but these aren't regular messages, they're orders. What if when the Bee Queens conquered the land they essentially created a hive mind in which they are the center of, causing bees to be slow and sluggish, stupid. If so does this mean that the Bee Queen crown is a mind control device and the survivors don't know it? Was Charlie testing something with Bee Queen, if so she essentially has a way to control minds, which is scary.

And then there is even more ramifications about this, does Wagstaff know about this? Is he utilizing it. Is charlie utilizing it. Bee Queen, while a pawn, is probably going to be vital for the checkmate.

5. Conclusion.


Them probably have a way out of the constant and also the constant had a bridge between the Earth and constant.

Bee Queen enslaved all the bees for her (Charlie's) bidding, causing the downfall of Bee civilization.

Mind control, bridge between worlds, bees seem very important to the lore.


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ahm i dont know, but dit you know that all bees are female? and the only male bees, wich are realy rare, are in the bee queens chambers so to speak? yes, bees are literaly a culture of female only, whit the males only reason to exist to make more bees

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18 minutes ago, Dr.Medic said:

ahm i dont know, but dit you know that all bees are female? and the only male bees, wich are realy rare, are in the bee queens chambers so to speak? yes, bees are literaly a culture of female only, whit the males only reason to exist to make more bees

Goddamnnit, I even knew this but it didn't pop up in my mind, frick. So I guess disregard the Bill and Joe section as propaganda.

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49 minutes ago, SecretPizzaMan said:

Bees don't have a concept of gender, like their language is very basic, it's literally all bzz.

Bees shake their booty butts to talk. But when I shake my booty butt I get in trouble... It's unfair.

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There’s promises of secret knowledge, someone somewhere knew Walter would be thrown into the constant at some point, so the bees were added in advance anticipating his arrival- this is Walters survival story.. and now he must endure through angry bee biome to achieve enlightenment.

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