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Best way for Solo BeeQueen

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13 hours ago, HowlVoid said:

I miss the old "maze" strat for bee queen. 

Really made her "fair" for solo play, 1v1. 

You can kinda still do it... But its not the same. They get to the other side so fast because they just fly over the ocean. 

The newer maze strats one and two by Luke the NUKE is nice to play with though ngl.

But I didn't manage to kill BQ using this strat with Maxwell since I don't have enough health to play tanky-wanky, so I ended up spam farming bunnies over a single autumn (using the oven method) and constructed 60 bunny hutches in the same season.

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6 hours ago, dododome said:

What would be a better strat?

1) Updated "oven" (Ropes instead of Signs);

2) Boat + Wendy + Beekeeper Hat + Wood/Marble/Shadow Armor + Elixirs on Abi;

3) Wicker/Max and Tentacle Trap;

4) Winona Catapults;

5) Wurt + Merms;

6) Bunnymen with Beekeeper Hats.

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I saw a random speedrun video by a (Taiwanese?) streamer who utilized the terrain and some walls to solo BQ.

This is by far the most interesting way I've seen people kill BQ, and it's totally doable if you have a similar terrain in your world. For non Wolfgang characters, you probably need 3x more armor and heals (and a light), but that's about it.

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