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I'm sorry, is the game 64-bit now?

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One way (at least on GNU/Linux) is to right click on the Steam system tray icon and launch Don't Starve Together from there (the little menu with your most recently played games). That bypasses the option window with the two versions of the game that appears upon launching it from the main Steam window. Good question, though. It would be nice to know how to change the behavior in the main Steam window.



After looking up this concern online other people have been pointing it out for other games for years. It seems to be a limit of Steam, unfortunately (in some games you can add a variable / flag in the launch options to change the path or executable that gets launched, but for DST there is no information regarding this).

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4 hours ago, Hicsy said:

How do we always launch 64-bit in Steam?
is there a tag we can use in `Launch Options` ?

Steam asks you which version do you want

If you only want to click and directly launch the 64 version you can make a shortcut from the .exe inside bin64 folder (you can browse the folder via steam if you do right click on dst in your library)

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