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  1. Dear Klei, Do you listen to your community at all? I've played this game since beta, and maybe I'm wrong here, but I don't think I have ever once seen you actively listen to the community. (Aside from this very game itself. Since I imagine it is, in part, due to community desire for a multiplayer Don't Starve) Sure, maybe you listen to some bug reports here and there (although to be honest there are so many bugs that are extensively reported and still have yet to be fixed), but for the most part, this community feels like shouting into an echo chamber that never gets opened, and all of you (Klei) are outside of it. It's sad because this game has so much potential, but instead you keep building upon it like a jenga tower. Except this jenga tower has such a shaky foundation, and it becomes increasingly apparent how unstable it is the more you keep stacking on top. Don't get me wrong. I love this game very much, and I think you all have made some great improvements upon it. But I would be lying if I said you guys have done a good job considering the incredible community you have. One of the biggest advantages of being an indie developer is the ability to directly respond to player feedback. You see it all the time with other indie games. The creator(s) of Rimworld, Ludeon, are very active in their community for example. The actual creator himself, Tynan, will update Rimworld based on community feedback on the freaking Reddit forums even. For those of you that don't know, Rimworld recently came out with a whole new expansion, "Ideology." Many players voiced some opinions about implementing some much needed features, and within a week they were added. Mind you, these weren't simple requests either, but he got it done in a week. I'm not saying you need to get things done in a week, but damn at least pretend you've heard us lmao. While we're on the topic of speed, I should mention that it's definitely still a concern. I'm not going to pretend to know the intricacies of indie game development or the hardships that the ongoing pandemic might have created for you all, but I will say that it really takes you an exceptionally long time to implement anything, really. You have games like No Man's Sky pumping out massive, game-changing updates every couple of months a year. They're actively listening to their community and churning out beautiful, free content as if they actually have a vocal community of people that play and love their game (Sound familiar?). You have this entire forum dedicated to discussing this wonderful game, yet you seem to only use it to inform us of new updates, overdue roadmaps, and weekly skin drops, all while ostensibly ignoring the much-needed suggestions/discussions on how to REALLY make this game better. And not just by adding new content, because you clearly have a philosophy of releasing half-done designs and mechanics. I know there are plenty of bad ideas proliferated here, but there are so many good ideas, and it seems like you are forever content to let these ideas rot away while you implement another under-cooked idea, and then decide to revisit that idea a couple of years later to finally finish the recipe. I'm not going to pretend this game is awful. I love this game and have spent literally thousands of hours on it. I love the hard work you have poured into it, and the endless entertainment it has provided me. So I'd just like to say that I'm not trying to spread any hate or negativity. I love the majority of what you do. What I don't love is the silent treatment, and it feels like that's what we (the community) receive from you. Most of the critiques I have are coming from a seasoned player who has gripes about the potentially less visible aspects of the game from the perspective of newer or more casual players. But I can assure you they are important, and many members of the community share these same concerns. Yet I've seen it said here before that you aren't building this game for the casual players. You're building it for us. But it doesn't feel like it. All I'm saying is that the active community (mainly us here on the forums) seems to be very dedicated to this game, and I think it would go a long way if some core aspect of your design philosophy was shifted to accommodate the community whose concerns seem to endlessly bounce around in an empty room at this rate. Love, Souper
  2. Idk how anyone can be biased, really. I'm constantly hoping Klei released good (well designed) characters. If they release a bad character, people typically don't like them. Hence why the majority of people hate Walter. He is the worst character, I think.
  3. Oh I agree it's totally pointless. I just think it's odd that people seem to complain it's thematically pointless. I think it fits well, thematically.
  4. Let's please keep the Walter hate train going. I'm quite tired of Klei never listening to community feedback when it's filled to the brim with actually good suggestions. Wigfrid's songs make perfect sense? She isn't actually a viking. Her whole gimmick is committed to the act of a viking. Wickerbottom can't sleep because she is an insomniac. I thought that was pretty self-explanatory. Ghosts are passive to Wendy because she is friends with a ghost... Also plenty of people love Wes. He has no redeeming perk. Plenty of people love Wanda, and she isn't from the original cast. I'd also point out that I think Walter's bee allergy is perfectly reasonable. He's simply allergic to bees, what is wrong with that? Wigfrid only eats meat. Seems perfectly reasonable.
  5. Her entire design is a paradox considering she can't swim. Although I'm not sure if merms can canonically swim. But she's literally a fish. Same with how Walter's entire design contradicts his actual performance. My guess is Klei is actually ironically designing their characters for comedic purposes. (I'm just joking but it really seems like they are at this point; e.g. fish that can't swim, boy scout that sucks at survival, old lady who is actually the strongest physically)
  6. a plant (which technically can get too wet and die because of it) somehow gets wetness immunity, but a fish whose natural habitat is water doesn't. Makes sense to me. I'm convinced time moves 70% slower for Klei, considering how late they push some of these obvious changes.
  7. I think it would be nice if Klei gave the sort of attention they gave to Wanda to every other character in the game. It's kinda sad that the state of the community seems to just accept that Klei, quite frankly, half-asses their characters. Walter is a pure joke, Wurt's quality of life is abysmal, Wickerbottom is practically useless now. There are some small issues with the other characters, but I'd say the best designed are Wigfried, Wanda, Wormwood, Woodie, Wendy, and Maxwell to an extent. Klei seems to think that coming up with a few nifty tools and then under-supplying those tools with poor QoL is the approach to creating a good character, but it's not. IMO, the character should have a role in mind, and almost everything should be developed around the role that character should fulfill. On top of that, downsides should be introduced to make the gameplay loop unique and somewhat challenging, at least. Wormwood is a fantastic character because he has a very clear role, and his downsides will affect the way you play the game. Wigfrid as well. Walter is horrible because he doesn't really do anything well, and he's not particularly easy to survive with, DESPITE him being a boy scout? They give a character a theme and then don't even build anything around it.. wtf? They give Walter Wobby, but it's literally just a beefalo chester that you get at the beginning, and it's not even as good as a beefalo to begin with. Meanwhile his slingshots are completely and utterly useless unless you just want it for the sake of a different playstyle altogether, but even that makes no sense because the slingshot isnt fun. It's incredibly tedious and boring. I had lost hope in Klei's character designing capabilities, which honestly I could've lived with. But then they release an awesome character with a cool downside (Wanda) who has a clear role to fulfill. So now I know Klei can develop good characters, they just don't most of the time... which is even more depressing. All of these bad character designs wouldn't be so bad if Klei didn't take so much time doing them. No offense to Klei, I love their game, and obviously I don't know what goes on behind the scenes, but damn Klei takes forever to get these character refreshes out. It's been years, and at this point some of their newly released characters need refreshes (**** you Walter) So if they keep perpetuating this horrible design philosophy, it delays progress to the actual content of the game. If they're going to take so much time with these refreshes, they should at least make damn sure they have good design. /rant I really do hope they give Wurt the much needed love she deserves. She's not in a horrible spot, but she is such a cool character who can truly shine if Klei sheds some light on her.
  8. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. KLEI, if you are reading this, crafting items with chest proximity would be so so so so so amazing. There is already a mod for this, but it's server sided, and not very well known. This would greatly contribute to the overall quality of the game. I would absolutely love for Klei to think modernly for once and implement a good quality of life feature. PLEASE.
  9. If the beefalo forgets its herd, does that make the baby beefalo no longer follow its mother, in that case? (e.g. half-tamed beefalo has baby, you take beefalo into caves = no more baby followers?)
  10. Another thing you can do is lead the frogs to a boat and send the boat a bit far off from the coast so they become stranded. Even easier with Wanda now, since you can use one of your watches to teleport you back (backstep or backtrek) I find that preferable to spending purple gems, but I suppose if it's late enough then it doesn't matter so much. Cheers!
  11. Supposedly this method only works for winter, not spring. But I haven't tested it myself.
  12. Afaik, it doesn't ruin domestication at all. But they will get aggressive towards you temporarily for hurting another beefalo.
  13. Their answers seem to conflict with the link I provided though. In that clip, Jazzy's beefalo goes into heat, but only for a brief moment. Then it calms down afterwards and loses its heat status(?) I've also seen conflicting information on the forums. (Read the "BEEFALO BELL" section)
  14. I'm calling upon @JazzyGames to see if he has learned anything about beefalo heat and its interaction with the bell since this moment in a video of his.