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  1. Has getting the shard name become a thing yet? I will eventually check all environment vars and/or scanning memory as needed... but for now I will have to use ShardId to save time. (I will avoid making assumptions based on ismaster() in case someone has 3+shards.)
  2. I haven't checked my linux dedicated servers for a while (lol)... ill check them tomorrow evening. I am noticing this in my Win32 "player host" at the moment while i finish my mod. mostly all mods do it and I tried starting a fresh player-host server too
  3. bugger. cheers for replying. I am able to `ALT`+`SHIFT`+`F` to auto-format some of them... but if there is a comment literally anywhere in there it righfully assumes the rest of that 1-liner is just a massive comment. Oh well. Thanks anyways!
  4. It makes it really hard to understand everyone's samples on these forums when they are all on one line. I have tried the site in edge, chrome, internet exploder and firefox: ... is there something i can do? is there anything that Klei will do? cheers
  5. I see this message a lot in the server logs. The modoverrides.lua seems to load just fine so even though it's exactly before that in the log, it might not be related. Could not load mod_config_data/modconfiguration_MOD######_CLIENT I tried searching for it here, but all i could find was hundreds of ppl posting their entire server log about something entirely different. Thanks