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My Vaccine Detects Some IP On 'Join Server' Screen

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My vaccine detects some weird IP connection threat when I enter 'Join Server' screen.

What I can tell about is that the IP is, connection protocol was UDP, which orginates from Jianxi Province, China, and the port was variable, as if it was trying to bruteforce my computer.

I'm using Avast, and the region is East Asia(Korea).


Edit: anti-virus, I mean.

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When you go to the lobby page it tries to ping all the servers on that screen to see what your ping time to them is. That manifests as a lot of outbound UDP connections (one to each server listed).

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well for me it says something like black bot list or something like that cant remember what but its pretty much the same thing the thing spams me whit botnet bad conection removed or what ever if im on the server list screen

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1 hour ago, HowlVoid said:

What is a "vaccine" in this context? Are you guys injecting needles into your computers? Is that legal? Did the computer give consent?

No seriously... Is it an anti-virus?


Console pleb

I mean, anti-virus program. Sorry for my wording not good.

5 hours ago, Gourmand said:

When I try to check the forums to see if they released any info on the next update I detect this post about some weird IP connection threat from Jianxi Province, China

Well, I found it by googling the IP and this is all I could know by WHOIS.

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Hey everybody. Please remember - like many of you, a lot of people on these forums do not speak English as their first language. 

First - posts should be kept on-topic and second, it's not entirely welcoming for people to be given a hard time about their choice of words and while I am sure you meant no harm, I would like you to keep things more polite. 


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Anyways, I have been been having the same issues earlier this month, with several antivirus warnings popping up in a few seconds about a botnet blacklisted ip, lately I don't have the same issues, but it could be because the server runs on a different schedule than I do.

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