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  1. I'm trying to add a functionality to the actionhandler for ACTIONS.EAT. But for the compatibility, I want to only append it. local function sgmod(self) local old_eat_state = self.actionhandlers.ACTIONS.EAT.deststate self.actionhandlers.ACTIONS.EAT.deststate = function(inst, action) local oldstate = old_eat_state(inst, action) if old_eat_state ~= nil and inst:HasTag("asdf") then return "throw" else return oldstate end end end AddStategraphPostInit("wilson", sgmod) AddStategraphPostInit("wilson_client", sgmod) How would I do it?
  2. I mean, anti-virus program. Sorry for my wording not good. Well, I found it by googling the IP and this is all I could know by WHOIS.
  3. My vaccine detects some weird IP connection threat when I enter 'Join Server' screen. What I can tell about is that the IP is, connection protocol was UDP, which orginates from Jianxi Province, China, and the port was variable, as if it was trying to bruteforce my computer. I'm using Avast, and the region is East Asia(Korea). Edit: anti-virus, I mean.
  4. The mod uploader can't access to directory whose name include non-ASCII character. This includes creating temp. files & temp. directory, along with the OS username. My occasion is about Windows 10. Edit: This bug is very critical, as it seems like the failure to creating temp directory results in attempt to delete whole files in its root directory (practically not, as the deletion also fails).
  5. I tried to update my mods, but I keep failing to upload. Here is my log. Also it seems my uploader tries to delete all the files in the root directory (E:) moduploaderlog_2021-07-10-09-14.txt
  6. I was updating my mod, but the mod uploader keeps failing. I've looked into it and it says "Directory '' couldn't be created" and "can't open file ''". It also tried to erase all the files in E: (the root directory where the uploader is).
  7. I found the "DESCRIBE_GENERIC" speech lines in the strings.lua. They seem to exist from long ago, but they are not implemented in the game for some reason: it only uses Wilson's (GENERIC.DESCRIBE_GENERIC, "It's a... thing.") and not the others for each other characters.
  8. Wickerbottom refers an onion as 'Allium sativum' and a garlic as 'Allium cepa', with which she confuses. It seems this confusion has been for long time. It should be fixed, if not intended. From Wikipedia Also from Wikipedia.
  9. DEAR GOD I haven't made any character mods, buuut I think I should do it now all because of this mod
  10. When a player hitch a beefalo to the Grooming Station and try to use it, the game crashes. This only happens on older worlds (generated before YOTB). Also, it appears that mods that tweak beefalo also causes problem.
  11. Status update: I just tried to insert it directly into FONTS table: local TALKINGFONT_WORMWOOD_KR = "talkingfont_wormwood_custom" table.insert(GLOBAL.FONTS, {filename = MODROOT.."fonts/", alias = TALKINGFONT_WORMWOOD_CUSTOM, fallback = fallback_wormwood}) --fallback_wormwood is well-defined as well and this worked. I set the fallback for the custom font to TALKINGFONT_WORMWOOD. But some Unicode glyphs doesn't show, so I want to set secondary fallback or something. Any good method?
  12. Assets = { Asset("FONT", "fonts/") } TALKINGFONT_WORMWOOD_CUSTOM = "talkingfont_wormwood_custom" AddPrefabPostInit("wormwood", function(inst) inst.components.talker.fontsize = 40 inst.components.talker.font = TALKINGFONT_WORMWOOD_CUSTOM end) This is my code for applying new Wormwood font. It seems to have no problem to load the mod and join in server, but the game crashes as my Wormwood say anything, leaving no noticeable error traceback or something. Could anyone give me some helping hand?
  13. Hello, I just started modding DST. I'm participating on DST Korean Language Pack team. Wormwood has his own font - Henny Penny, but this is only applied for Latin letters and some punctuation marks, not on Korean strings. So I thought that it would be better to apply some similar Korean fonts for them. I've been trying to reverse-engineer the font logic for DST, and I somehow found a way to apply a character its own font, but I don't know how to load the font asset. Is there any way for it? Addition: I found function "AddFontAssets", but I don't exactly know how to use it.
  14. Is there any obstacle on the tile you want to deploy it? You need to make sure of it clean, or that won't work.