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When the forge & gorge will come?

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Returning them isn't at any pressing priority of Klei's plans for DST's future. They are currently working on scheduled Content updates, Character Reworks, New Character(s) and Quality of Life improvements for the main Gameplay. Their current direction indicates that they plan to expand the storyline with a 3rd season of story focused content updates once the 2021 plants are completed. Only once they are done with a big batch of updates such as the Character reworks and accumulated enough wealth to make events sufficiently sustainable in profits, I can see them returning back to the Limited time events or designing new ones. Considering that they were made into appreciated steam mods by fans and quite a bit improved upon, there might be even further complications if they want to hold a new official season for Forge or Gorge. A new event is more likely, but not anytime soon.

For your own sake, you should not expect them to return at least in the following year or two.

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