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What do you think about additional generator "Hand Powered Generator"? This time you can power your catapults without nitre or gems. You can start to rotate a lever on the generator to power your builds until you cancel it yourself or get damaged (You can't move while operating a generator). As soon as you cancel this action, the generator will instantly stop powering catapults/spotlights. Or maybe give it a small power reserve, that depends on how long you've been manning it, but not exceeding some point. 10 seconds max

Only usable by Winona

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928552929_winonagenerator.thumb.png.60987f54b62ae00d74f90da75942bbae.pngA giant plant generator would be great; the biggest problem with most generators that they don't last long, that's especially bad for spotlightssince catapults are fine working for a very limited time) If we had giant crop generators like the ones in the concept art  that ran until the crop is spoiled (the crop can spoil faster when socketed on the generator) but only usable for one or two machines (would have an oval power range) it'd be a neat structure incorporating elements from different updates and buff the spotlights.

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