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Wortox should be allowed to soul hop while riding a Beefalo

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You already can't right-click anything while riding a beefalo so It won't get in the way of any other actions, and I don't mean that Wortox should soul hop with the beefalo, but soul hop out of the beefalo for emergencies or just quickly dismounting. Wortox doesn't benefit that much from any Beefalo tendency besides maybe Pudgy , also none of Wortox perks have any effects on Beefalos so he should at least have the option of dismounting fast, it will in some cases leave your beefalo out of danger or you, you could also fight with the beef until it is too hurt and jump out of it to avoid the beefalo from dying while not loosing much momentum in the process.

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On 5/26/2021 at 7:50 AM, Well-met said:

honestly no. Beefalo already gives a ton of advantages so its ok to have a little drawback sometimes

wortox does kinda lose all of his perks on a beefalo though...

I do think Wortox should be able to soul hop either with or off the beefalo. There are very few situations where soul hopping with a beefalo would be an improvement to just riding there. So I don’t share concerns of that being too strong at all. And soul hopping off the beefalo could just provide some neat tricks. To be clear I only want one of these added obviously.

Souls healing a beefalo also seems perfectly reasonable. However I’m unsure how it should be balanced because beefalo normally get a 4x healing multiplier and that seems overkill with souls.

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7 hours ago, Well-met said:

well uh plenty of characters ""lose"" their perk on a mount, as you say.

it's a beefalo, not a hat.

I thought I was fairly clear when I said “lose all their perks”

Wortox currently synergizes the least with beefalo out of all characters. Most characters can just choose the beefalo tendency that’s ideal for their characters. 

You can telepoof on a beefalo’s back just fine so your latter argument doesn’t make sense to me. Not to mention that the original suggestion which I also repeated was to soul hop off the beefalo. Or were you saying that being able to heal a beefalo makes it like a clothing item?

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On 5/25/2021 at 12:55 AM, HowlVoid said:

I honestly do not see a reason why Wortox cant heal a beef with souls. 

Hoping with a beef could just cost 2-3 souls instead of 1. Hoping off a beef means you're leaving it to die :( .

I second healing Beefalo with souls... or at least someone teaching me how to write a mod to do that :D

But if you have a bell, hopping off a beefalo might well not mean leaving it to die. Get far enough away and it will run or even teleport to you, so the action would effectively be a regular Soul Hop + extra soul cost + force dismount. I think that sounds fairly balanced.

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