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  1. How can I open this hole in the firewall? Do you mean the ports (port forwarding) ? As soon as I opened the dedicated server: here are the images ports 10999, 10998 Open ports in UPnP Portmap Table monitoring I tried to open as many ports as possible that I found about Don't starve together and in its files. I found 5 ports in total To make sure it works, I opened in TCP and UDP: 10999 10998 10888 27017 8767 What I find strange is that a day ago I just opened port 10999 and then the server was (ping ???) but after 4 minutes waiting and updating the list of servers the ping appeared and showed how (ping16) But again today I tried and it was like (ping???) even after waiting 20, 30 minutes. And with the same open port as yesterday. So I went looking for more ports and found 5 ports in total (the five doors I mentioned above in text and image) and opened them all. Then the ping reappeared in the server list as (ping16) It seems that the problem is just how long the real Ping appears in the server list. At the beginning it appears as ??? and after waiting a while it usually appears as 16. Is there any way to speed up the appearance? If you can tell me as many ports as possible for me to open, and also tell me about the firewall, how can I create a hole, path and release everything 100% Ping Images ??? and Ping 16:
  2. How can I put in a lobby BR? or something from South America? The ping from my Dedicated Server appears as ??? in the server list, but after waiting about 4 minutes it appears as ping 30 normally, how can I fix the ping appearing faster in the server list? (The problem is that no one is waiting 4-5 minutes on the server list, so it's rare for anyone to see the server) Is there anything I can change or configure for my server(ping) to appear faster in the lobby list?
  3. Has anyone managed to solve the problem? what is the solution ?
  4. The cave really complicates everything, many mods or commands don't work with the cave in the world. They could launch an easy way to link the mods to caves, or something, to fix this, official
  5. I understand that it would take time and work. But it would be very good. It is a pity that there is no one willing to do it. But now I know it's possible, maybe someday somebody will create ^^
  6. Is it possible to create a mod that when hovering over the item, material or equipment shows all the things you can create with it? the recipe, would help a lot of beginners with information. or an option that shows when you choose.
  7. When I execute a debug key command the game closes with an error, for example I press F4 which serves to spawn a base with resources the game closes and crashes. I did the test on a server with or without a cave. Without a cave it works normally. With a cave it doesn't work and crashes and closes the game. (PLEASE NOTE THAT I TESTED WITHOUT MODS AND WITH MODS OF ALL WAYS BUT THE ERROR SO OCCURS WITH CAVES) I don't know which files to put here to help solve the problem so I posted the image, anything else let me know so I can post MDMP File does not exist in my folders where it says in the tutorial to search: Steam> SteamApps> Common> Don't Starve Together Beta> bin> I looked outside it too and I didn't find.