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  1. In the beginning, the game is difficult, because you don't know anything about it I never eat any of the foods you said and usually survive more than 1000 days, this game revolves around experience, after you learn the game you live anyway. These crock pot recipes are for those who like to stay on the base and don't go out to do anything, just fix the base and make it look beautiful. The disadvantage is that you waste time, always preparing crock pot, you lose efficiency. I never stay at the base, so I don't use crock pot, I say that with any character, I live hunting and looking for bosses, do everything possible in the game, I think each one has a different style of play, there are people who like to stay in base and others like to pack things up, others like to hunt. (That's my opinion, everyone has theirs)
  2. I will always be in favor of Hamlet and Shipwrecked content for DST. I have Hamlet and Shipwrecked for Singleplayer and would also buy for DST.
  3. I don't understand why they are concerned with worsening or improving a character in a PvE game, nobody plays PVP, very rare, each character is different, there will always be the weak and the strong, the support, the tanker, the damage, the difficult to play and easy to play. If everyone is the same it will not be funny. There are 17 characters, if you found it very easy just play with another, if you found it difficult then play with another. There are so many characters for each to fit your style, and taste. The game is PvE if you want a challenge, take the difficult character, it's simple.
  4. The sea could have interaction with the seasons, or winter, it could freeze, or create some frozen paths, and some islands would be impassable because of walls of ice, for example the lunar island would not be accessible in winter, that would also provide an explanation of how Deerclops and other bosses appear, they come from a place beyond the sea, traveling long distances. Maybe deerclops only appear in winter due to the fact that winter provides paths in the ocean, or maybe it will come out of its hole in winter and go swimming there. The world beyond the sea Just a story
  5. Mods are not the same ... And I don't like mods very much, just some that don't modify the game Well, I play Wortox a lot, I'm not saying that to harm him, he's the character I play the most. Anyway, you need more skins from him. What I wanted most is content from the hamlet and shipwrecked to DST. Mods are not the same.
  6. Each has its weak point, just as Walter is bad at fighting the bee queen
  7. That's why there are so many options for characters, for me it doesn't matter what to eat, everything from "food points" is the same.
  8. That is the intention, to make it different, more difficult, with so many characters people can choose whether they want it easy or difficult. As in the case of Wes who adds difficulty in the game, or Wolfgang who is too easy, with Wolfgang you do everything for half the resources, since he has twice the damage, he uses less armor, less weapon, and loses less sanity than so fast that it kills. You have so many characters to choose from to play with.
  9. Se você usar um barco com mastro ele vai ser rapido, o barco so é lento com o remo para ter controle nele em situaçoes apertadas. If you use a masted boat it will be fast, the boat is only slow with the paddle to have control on it in tight situations.
  10. Leaving Wortox with a more different style of play, like not eating food, just forcing him to just walk around the map, it just increases what he already does. Eat only souls and go insane almost always.
  11. Could Wortox have a mini adjustment? Putting him to receive only 10% or nothing of the mortals' food value instead of 50%. Increase lost sanity by 10 or 15 instead of 5 when eating souls, and decrease lost hunger by 50% just like the item belt of hunger I know that they will never put what someone writes exactly here, is it just a suggestion that opens new ideas or paths, but at least something like that? Before I forget, (WORTOX SKINS)
  12. Regarding the loading of the cave or surface when entering the sinkhole, would it be a good option to keep it always loaded? So you don't have to wait every time you enter the sinkhole. An option for those who want it, is it possible? Leave both worlds loaded so you don't have to wait.
  13. I also wanted more content for Don't starve together, Hamlet and Shipwrecked would be great, I would buy the DLCS right away, if it was created in online mode.
  14. If you follow the story, Woby is only friends with Walter, he was supposed to run from other players, or be angry if someone tries to open his backpack. Woby should only trust Walter. If Walter dies, Woby's items will also drop to the floor.