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  1. I understood what you said. But at the same time it doesn't make sense what you said. They will only create if they want to, they know whether they will succeed or not. They would only want to create if many people support the cause. They need to know whether people want it or not ... They would not create from nothing without thinking. They need to know if people support it by voting Yes.
  2. Where and how can we get them to do this? what is necessary ? What do you all think? I saw that many people have a desire to have Don't Starve animations like the ones you publish when a new character or content is released. All are very good, but I will mention two in particular: Don't Starve Together: Constant Companion [Walter Animated Short] For the very cool sounds and animations, giving emotion through focus, expression, sound, soundtrack. Don't Starve Together: Possessions [Wortox Animated Short] Very good narrator, for the narration of the story and action of the characters
  3. @Diabu @nome @Klei Team Just a small suggestion, what do you think about a server with PvP enabled? Maybe open one of the servers with PvP enabled? Just to test and see if it will work. To see how things are going to work, maybe it will work. Some people don't care about weak or strong characters, I think it would be a challenge. I think the only way is to open and disseminate it to everyone to test. I know that I am far from being able to ask or demand anything, I am just giving a suggestion.
  4. perfect I think Klei could create this biome in the cave without creating a new world, it may be the same world as the cave, but isolated from the rest of the cave, similar to the Atrium, which is impossible to walk to, unless by a specific passage. The only way to access it would be through the lunar island I think creating this topic in the Suggestions area would be good
  5. I saw the server today, I'm going to play it, whatever happens I notice. Thank you! Strange that every day I look at the list of servers, but only today I saw the server. I think he only started appearing today, June 11 This is the server that is showing up As the server apparently only started to appear now, today, I think many players will start to enter, I warned several friends too
  6. I am a Brazilian player, I wanted to ask for the opening of an official dedicated klei server for Brazil. It's possible ?
  7. The cave really complicates everything, many mods or commands don't work with the cave in the world. They could launch an easy way to link the mods to caves, or something, to fix this, official
  8. I understand that it would take time and work. But it would be very good. It is a pity that there is no one willing to do it. But now I know it's possible, maybe someday somebody will create ^^
  9. Is it possible to create a mod that when hovering over the item, material or equipment shows all the things you can create with it? the recipe, would help a lot of beginners with information. or an option that shows when you choose.
  10. When I execute a debug key command the game closes with an error, for example I press F4 which serves to spawn a base with resources the game closes and crashes. I did the test on a server with or without a cave. Without a cave it works normally. With a cave it doesn't work and crashes and closes the game. (PLEASE NOTE THAT I TESTED WITHOUT MODS AND WITH MODS OF ALL WAYS BUT THE ERROR SO OCCURS WITH CAVES) I don't know which files to put here to help solve the problem so I posted the image, anything else let me know so I can post MDMP File does not exist in my folders where it says in the tutorial to search: Steam> SteamApps> Common> Don't Starve Together Beta> bin> I looked outside it too and I didn't find.