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Wormwood's concept art of the "Guest of Honor" collection

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The very idea of Wormwood collection "Guest of Honor" excited me for a long time: I was genuinely interested in how this kid can appear before the players, what image to show. But I didn't have a single idea about it... until recently. Now that the concept of Formal Wormwood has formed in my mind, I can't help but share it.



Wormwood and Wurt change their collections on the same principle: they do not put on any clothes, but change their biological appearance. This greatly puzzled me: if a Wurt can freely be a fish, an octopus, or any other thing, then what kind of plant can display "honor"? And here's what I came up with:



My Wormwood "Guest of Honor" is a golden orchid. My choice fell on her as a solemn and bright and, at the same time, delicate and fragile flower. Yellow colors and speckles (which can appear during blooms periods, for example), combined with white and green colors, create a pompous and pretentious and, at the same time, a floral image that gives fashion the French outfits of the 18th century.



Wormwood's face is a ceramic mask of white (or ivory) color with notches at the cheeks and a chipped piece at the top (referring to the original image). All the "cutouts" on the mask have a single triangular structure, thus adding a more aesthetic, sharp and strict look to the character's face.

Wormwood's hairstyle is, in fact, an orchid bud that opens in spring from the back of the head. Its petals create a kind of French wig with curls; and the protruding "ahoge" (an unruly curl on the crest), which is the stigma of the flower, complements this image, creating an interesting, stable composition.

Wormwood's "costume" was copied from the clothes of the French grandee. And it's just full of swirls! They are everywhere: on the "tailcoat", on the "shoes", on the "sleeves". Small, but cute, they are an integral part of the collection "Guest of Honor", well complement the outfit of the character.

Since the orchid is a delicate plant on a thin stem, I decided to use it in the image: the thin "legs" are twisted into tight spirals, expanding to the top, forming a fashionable trousers with a high waist.

One of Wormwood's most important attributes is the crystal shining in his chest. I decided to insert a Yellow Gem there, as the most suitable color palette. It, as for me, reflects the spirit of the "GoH" collection. But in its place can be any other gem. In the end, it's up to you, Klei. You're the boss here.



Actually, that's all. I offer you several options for color, image and hairstyles during flowering periods for this concept from a cool artist (@dtmmdplusthree, you are cool! ❤), as well as a small fanart, from an equally cool artist (@tory_mrs, you are amazing! ❤ ❤ ❤), and I hope for your feedback.


Concepts of images of GoH Wormwood:









Colors versions:




Hairstyle versions during blooms periods:







Fanart by @tory_mrs:




Thank you, Klei, for continuing to please us with good games. You are incredible! And also thank you for your time.



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Oh. My. God. 

This is amazing, thank you so much for your hard work!

May I suggest using a different color gem? Orange is taken by his pumpkin skin and White has also been recently taken. 

If I may suggest bismuth? 


Id love for klei to also use this gem one day and incorporate the elegant range of blues, yellows and violets. The way the gem distorts into right angle spirals could also adorn a vest or mask of sort such as in your depiction.  

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