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[Game Update] - 461876

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In past updates the sleep trap rocks spawned during phase three (alterguardian_phase3trap) didn't have a timer that would break them. The traps look really good and would have made nice decorations, but now there's no point since they break themselves after 30 to 60 seconds. Could this change be reverted so the traps are kept alive until mined? If it is reverted then it would also be nice if the rocks could be carried like statues so we wouldn't need to glitch the champion onto a boat to get rocks on the mainland.

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The crown light slots being able to be closed is wonderful but you have to do it everytime you equip it and it's quite inconvenient. If I can give one feedback about the crown, I'd ask the slots to stay closed (have them remember their last position) or have the closed position as the default setting. Most of the time when you equip the crown you won't want to tweak what's in the slots so it being open is only relevant sparsely.

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