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  1. Does pigman return correctly? If you look in easing they're all local functions returned in a list at the end of their file.
  2. For some things I've set up generic key handlers that I can easily adjust for whatever I'm doing, but I've come across a problem that I can't figure out at all. I'm not sure if it's a bug or something to do with how IsControlPressed works. My problem can be replicated with the following: TheInput:AddKeyHandler(function(key, down) if not down and key == string.byte("m") then if TheInput:IsControlPressed(CONTROL_FORCE_STACK) then print("Successful") else print("Unsuccessful") end end end) I'm not sure if it's OS specific, game specific, or what it is, but when I trigger this it prints Unsuccessful almost always, and when it does print Successful, I have no idea what's different from other times. If I change strint.byte("m") to string.byte("n") then it will print Successful, but the problem isn't in the string.byte check because something will always print when either key is used for the check. The problem's in the IsControlPressed check, but I have no idea why specific keys cause this strange behaviour. If anyone knows, could you please explain what's happening with IsControlPressed, and specifically what causes this problem.
  3. Klaus not spawning

    When you say you searched the biome every day does that mean you only searched one biome? The deer and loot stash can spawn in any deciduous (there are sometimes two) or the mosaic biome. The deer can walk out of their spawn biome without any player interference. To test if you've got a Klaus sack in your game, you can use the console command c_announce(tostring(c_countprefabs("klaus_sack"))) to announce how many Klaus sacks there are, or c_gonext("klaus_sack") to teleport to them if at least one exists. Make sure your console is in Remote mode when using those commands (the game displays Remote: or Local: to the left of the command input line, press ctrl to toggle).
  4. Tumbleweed sketches don't unlock

    I searched tumbleweed and sketch before posting the bug report but couldn't find anything :/ Yeah, this is a dupe. Our takes on the issue are different but it's the same bug.
  5. The Rook, Knight, and Bishop sketches unlock their tumbleweed loot counterpart when their statues are mined but Queen, King, and Pawn don't. The tumbleweed prefab file hints that all of them should be unlockable because it checks all of them against the chessunlocks component (line 68 & 200 in tumbleweed). The Rook, Knight, and Bishop sculptures are in the sculptures prefab file and push TheWorld:PushEvent("ms_unlockchesspiece", name) when they reanimate. The Queen, King, and Pawn are in sculptures_marble prefab file and never push ms_unlockchesspiece. Related but separate issue I'm too lazy to make a second bug report about: None of the King statue setpieces seem to be required so there's a chance that worlds just won't spawn with any Kingly sculptures, and those worlds will never get be able to get Kingly sketches. Steps to Reproduce: For an example of the issue we'll check with the Rook and Pawn. Command to check if the Rook is unlocked: try c_announce(tostring(TheWorld.components.chessunlocks:IsLocked("trinket_28"))) Command to check if the Pawn is unlocked: c_announce(tostring(TheWorld.components.chessunlocks:IsLocked("chesspiece_pawn_sketch"))) Generate a new world (so none of the chess things are unlocked) Check both commands and see they return true; both are locked Mine the Pawn statue Check that the Pawn command still returns true; it's locked Repair and reanimate the Rook statue Check that the Rook command returns nil; it's unlocked Since the tumbleweed checks not TheWorld.components.chessunlocks:IsLocked(name) before adding the related loot, this shows that tumbleweeds won't drop Pawn sketches, but will drop Rook trinkets, even though both statues have been mined.
  6. The doors in rooms can be hard to click on. I've struggled with them a few times in the past and I've seen streamers do the same. A few suggestions that could help with this are: Larger door hitbox - e.g. doors always go right to the floor/ceiling on the wall Universal door hitbox - all door's hit-boxes be the same Higher priority to walk through doors with the action key - room loading times are insignificant/non-existent so accidentally changing room isn't a concern. Walking through a door changes room automatically - let the player walk through a doorway (past where the current wall is) to change room Any one of those suggestions would probably solve the problem. I like the idea of walking through doors letting you change room the most because it would be the most natural. By door I mean anything that's on a side of a room that can be used to change room; not specific doors.
  7. When you alt+tab, the alt key gets stuck and returns true after the alt key is releasing for TheInput:IsKeyDown(KEY_ALT). This happens 100% of the time. This doesn't happen for TheInput:IsControlPressed(CONTROL_FORCE_INSPECT) where CONTROL_FORCE_INSPECT is alt (which is the default). Both functions are checking if a key is currently pressed/down, and they are returning different outputs, unless I'm misunderstanding something this is a bug. This isn't limited to just KEY_ALT, it's any keys that are held down during the alt+tab process. For example, if someone holds shift+alt+tab, then alt+tab back into the game, TheInput:IsKeyDown(KEY_SHIFT) will also return true even though shift hasn't been down since the initial alt+tab. It's just easier to use KEY_ALT as a main example since it sticks every time. This doesn't effect gameplay much since almost all everything in the game uses IsControlPressed, but a lot of mods use IsKeyDown for keybind related settings in modconfigs, and they suffer from buggy behaviour because of this. I'm using Windows 10 if that matters.
  8. Over all I like Winona more now than I did before the re-work. That being said, I agree with everything you said. Things need further re-balancing and adjustments. For the catapults, one aspect of them I don't see many people mentioning is; why do they even regenerate health? It doesn't make sense in lore because they don't have anything to do with living creatures or nightmares, and it doesn't make sense from a balancing perspective because more can be build to replace the broken ones and, they're already OP enough as is before hp regen is added. If nothing else is changed then at least remove the hp regen.. and ability to heal them with things like spider glands, they're machines =.=
  9. Something to do with skins. See client log.
  10. When a pig elite is hit by the tornado from a weather pain staff, the pig will get an invisible prop sign. It's as strange as it sounds. Pigs are magic now.
  11. Shadow splumonkey infinte poop

    This video is showing the same bug most likely.
  12. When you pre-craft something of tier 1 science as Wicker (e.g. a sign), then use the moon rock idol at the portal to change to any character other than Wicker, that pre-crafted thing will be locked and pre-crafted. This results in the structure needing to be researched again to unlock (because of Wicker's free tier 1 science trait, the thing was never technically researched). However when you try to research the thing again to unlock it, it will fail without unlocking because there is already a pre-craft of that thing (since pre-crafts save between character swaps).
  13. There's a few rows of pixels that look like they're not meant to be there at the bottom of the menu. Possibly from the current screen being moved too high up or something. It's a bit hard to see in the attached image but should still be noticeable. If resolution matters, my monitor resolution is 1920 x 1080.
  14. Console removing with TheInput:GetWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove() for an item shelf in the player house results in and error from prefabs/shelf.lua:233: attempt to index field '?'; a nil. This makes the save not able to load when you save and exit from in the house. I'm not sure how to get the crash log for single player sorry.
  15. When you build something like a crockpot too close to the back wall (and probably side & front walls) of the player house (and probably other buildable interiors) and then destroy that structure, the drops can get stuck in the walls and be unreachable.