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  1. Console get item id.

    Console mode Local: c_select() If that doesn't show the prefab name then print(c_select().prefab)
  2. When the beebox is unloaded at the start of long dusks/nights (it needs 5 minutes), the beebox will produce honey if a flower is near the box. This is similar to this other beebox bug Both of these bugs relate to
  3. When splumonkey's pick up hats, wear them, then go their barrels the hats are lost when they come out. They don't get dropped when you kill the monkey, and they don't drop by the barrel.
  4. [Game Update] - 369546

    Does this also fix the occasional skipped line of an image for rendering? It happens quite often but only from certain locations and/or angles so I haven't been able to screenshot it. Here's a photoshopped image as an example:
  5. The tackler component no_collide_tags table has a value that's probably meant to be"NOCLICK" as "NOCLIC". This might be a Salty Dogs problem. Just assuming it's on both branches.
  6. Bee Boxes not making honey

    Have you tested this? I was able to get them to generate honey while unloaded during some summer days. Maybe my testing method was wrong and my results were incorrect, but I haven't been told otherwise by anyone who has done their own testing. Based off my personal experience I believe it's intended that they should be able to make honey while unloaded not only in summer, but also in autumn and spring.
  7. A beebox I made didn't produce any honey from early autumn to late spring, it didn't generate any honey even when they had flowers right next to the box (as close as they can possibly be placed). I wasn't running past the beebox so I don't think it was loaded much if at all. I know that beeboxes don't make honey in winter, but I'm fairly sure there should have been at least some honey from autumn / spring. I didn't have any mods on my server, and all world gen settings were default. Caves were enabled.
  8. Celestial Portal says hi. Old threads about catapults and volt goat jelly
  9. @Brago-sama That image is old with inaccurate food buff times. There's a more up to date image linked in the video description. Edit: nvm, the post was updated.
  10. We found food in the water

    That's probably a mod. There was one that spawned stuff at 0, 0, 0 when you examine it, but I can't remember what it was called. What mods do you have active on your server?
  11. The player HUD won't show up after you leave a wardrobe when you entered it with chat open. Edit: also happens if you enter the pause menu before opening the wardrobe. Edit Edit: added crash to the bug title. When you enter the wardrobe with chat open, then receive a chat message, the game crashes. Crash log in the spoiler.
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Steam item collecting. Gorge is dead.
  13. Beebox passive honey

    Beeboxes are set to generate honey passively every 10 clock segments when unloaded, most likely this is only meant to happen during the day phase, this rarely happens. Bugs related: The entitysleep event that starts passive honey growth doesn't check the phase, allowing for passive growth through dusk and night when unloaded. The events enterlight, enterdark, entitywake, entitysleep, and world event iscaveday all interrupt passive growth, causing passive growth to stop and the growth time to reset. Related to 2. The harvestable component doesn't seem to save the growth time so, whenever it starts/stops, it resets rather than continuing to decrease from it's previous growth progress.
  14. Wormwood and rot

    I'm not even sure this is a bug, but Wormwood looses hunger when eating rot even thought he says "Yum" when examining it, and "Oooh... hurts" when eating it. This could be viewed as a bug because of the loosing hunger when the quote "Yum" implies Wormwood would like rot. It could also be viewed as a bug because eating rot results in hunger loss when the quote "Oooh... hurts" implies health loss rather than hunger. The more I think about it the more I'm starting to think maybe Wormwood's character is set up as pretending to be innocent, like, for the cactus skin portrait quote being "Hug?", not even Wormwood's that stupid... Wormwood's suspicious...
  15. A popup window said "Error during initialisation" or something similar, clicking ok closed the game. There was another program requesting special permissions (other program permissions message is "Do you want to allow this app the make changes to your device") while the game was loading in the background. I'm not sure if that effects the game loading. Return of them beta client log attached. client_log.txt