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  1. The first bug fix update only took five hours this time. Totally worth the wait.
  2. Hutch makes the most pleasant music in the constant and the plants pretend to prefer players parading around with a One Man Band over hutches skillful performance. Surely the plants must be problimatic.
  3. The volt goat milk in the milkmade hat is so electrical that it not only gives characters energy, but also shocks users when they realise that the hat achieves the impossible and defies gravity. The line in the image shows gravity. The milk tilts against gravity. Does gravity effect milk in DST? Nobody knows.
  4. It's unclear if this is intended. When shift+lmb items between containers in separated backpack layout mode, the items will jump between the primary player inventory and backpack container. When using integrated backpack layout you're unable to shift+lmb items between the two inventories. Behaviour is inconsistent.
  5. See crash log in spoiler. Log record includes everything within 5 seconds of the crash.
  6. The 2 anim files and are missing anim.bin files. This causes houses using those animations to be invisible. Edit: I should have checked if this had already been reported. There's a couple bug reports mentioning invisible gingerbread houses already, so this should be deleted or marked as a duplicate.
  7. The black catfish shoal spawner (prefab name oceanfish_shoalspawner) will block building. For example they block boats and things on boats when a boat is moved to be on top of the spawner. This probably isn't intended since the shoal spawner is an invisible entity.
  8. Huh. I'd assumed the gnarwail was abnormal when I compared it to a squid. Turns out the squid's the abnormal one getting wet.
  9. Examining a squid makes the player say "It's a... thing.".
  10. When quids are underwater they can be attacked, examined, etc. unlike any other underwater creature.
  11. The gnarwail's a water creature so it should probably be wet.
  12. The function GetWorldScale is part of the widget class and causes an error when called.
  13. When the beebox is unloaded at the start of long dusks/nights (it needs 5 minutes), the beebox will produce honey if a flower is near the box. This is similar to this other beebox bug Both of these bugs relate to