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  1. Shadow splumonkey infinte poop

    This video is showing the same bug most likely.
  2. Lure plant's don't directly increase flingo range. How smouldering works is that it's tied to the player. Things can smoulder within a range 25 wall spaces from the player; 6.25 pitch fork tiles. Lure plants are high priority smoulder entities so when there's a lure plant in range it will smoulder first. Lure plants can burn so if you're going totally without flingos, be sure to smother them when they smoulder, and re-plant them when they are burnt. This information can be found in the wildfires component and lure plant prefab.
  3. A while ago I remember hearing that some client only mods like minimap hud can put more strain on servers. Is this true? If it's true, what causes the server to take a performance toll for client only mods (excluding obvious things like spamming actions)? When I looked into minimap hud I didn't find specifically what caused a performance loss. Is there something I could set up to get the game to print everything that is sent/received from the server from a specific mod? Even if it's encoded, it'd still be good for testing. This isn't about minimap hud specifically, it's just the best example of a client only mod affecting the server I can think of.
  4. When you pre-craft something of tier 1 science as Wicker (e.g. a sign), then use the moon rock idol at the portal to change to any character other than Wicker, that pre-crafted thing will be locked and pre-crafted. This results in the structure needing to be researched again to unlock (because of Wicker's free tier 1 science trait, the thing was never technically researched). However when you try to research the thing again to unlock it, it will fail without unlocking because there is already a pre-craft of that thing (since pre-crafts save between character swaps).
  5. Treat it like decorations. In DST the obelisks are lowered when no players are nearby, so anything "trapped" can simply walk out.
  6. There's a few rows of pixels that look like they're not meant to be there at the bottom of the menu. Possibly from the current screen being moved too high up or something. It's a bit hard to see in the attached image but should still be noticeable. If resolution matters, my monitor resolution is 1920 x 1080.
  7. Cheating Forge

    In a way it's sad to see animation cancelling be nerfed so much Last year it was a skill thing, then quickly a macro thing, then this year mods. Even as a mod it was something extra you had to know about to do, and imo it added to the forge. Everyone had access to the mod and it's still called a cheat as if it's something to be frowned on, even the publisher's named it cheat. I don't see any viewpoint other than a modless, purist point of view that it should be viewed so negatively. Now there's almost no advantage to animation cancelling, the mod has a small error rate with attacks and given how little time is saved I'm not sure it adds up anymore. Manual animation cancelling probably lowers dps now. I might as well go back to having my finger fall off holding f.
  8. 25 minutes win quest... Now with rhinos...

    Why obsess over the quests? There isn't any quest book to complete so there's no completionist reason to do it, and there doesn't appear to be any reward for quests beside xp. You get more xp from the time bonus than you would from all daily quests combined if you take 30 minutes. Adding something more difficult is fine imo, but a better reward than 2.5k xp would be nice... last forge the silver speed run quests was worth up to 20k xp iirc.
  9. Console removing with TheInput:GetWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove() for an item shelf in the player house results in and error from prefabs/shelf.lua:233: attempt to index field '?'; a nil. This makes the save not able to load when you save and exit from in the house. I'm not sure how to get the crash log for single player sorry.
  10. When you build something like a crockpot too close to the back wall (and probably side & front walls) of the player house (and probably other buildable interiors) and then destroy that structure, the drops can get stuck in the walls and be unreachable.
  11. Nettle plants grow when you reload the game during the humid season (or whatever the season nettle grows is called) regardless of when they were last picked.
  12. I'm not sure this is even a bug since it could be intentional, but the bandit doesn't count coin value of coins not in the players main inventory.
  13. Some pigs continue to shake and not move once they've broken out of being frozen.
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Was looking up something to do with the moon event on the wiki and this came to mind
  15. When picking blue mushrooms the server I was on had a rollback. The blue mushrooms were able to be picked immediately, at day after the rollback. Only bothered confirming it in a blue mushroom area but I don't see why it wouldn't also happen for other mushroom types or on the surface. Not sure exactly what areas have to be loaded for recreating it but when it first happened and when I tested it later I was in the mushroom field when the rollback happened, and at the point of the save. Testing took to long so I didn't bother checking many scenarios (I'm not so great at using commands >.<).