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A way to mass bulk storage a single item type

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 One of my main issues when it comes to DST is the storage of items, especially common items. Stuff like grass, twigs, logs, rocks, nightmare fuel etc.. You want to try obtaining a lot of these resources, but the problem is doing so means you need to store the resources, as well.

Existing methods can work, but it's rather cumbersome. As of right now, the best way to store items that doesn't involve the ground is utilizing chests, but even that has it's limits. A full chest of gift wrapped items is exactly 36 stacks of space. That sounds like a lot, but in the lategame you can quickly fill up those chests. Scaled chests technically offer 12 more slots, but those are less space efficient then normal chests. In addition, it's also much more difficult to store a bunch of single stack items (a fully wrapped chest can hold 36 life giving amulets, for instance), and you can amass a ton of those, too.

A solution I can think of is introducing a new storage variant that is meant to store bulk means of one item. This storage item probably should be more mid-endgame, as this is a major sidegrade compared to other storage options and is also basically unneeded until the endgame anyway. The basic idea is that this device can store only a single item type, but a massive amount of said item type as well. I would say roughly 250 stacks, or 10000 items (If they stacked to 40, anyway), would probably do the trick. The inventory will only show the item and how much of it you have in storage (mainly to prevent clutter, and also because it's much easier to read compared to looking at potentially 250 stacks), while also allowing you to take/deposit more items.

There would obviously be some limits to what you could store, of course:
-Food would not be allowed whatsoever, except for rot/rotten eggs.
-Using items that have durability must match the item in the storage, down to the uses/condition of the item. If you put a 75% axe in, for instance, every other axe must be 75% as well. If this doesn't work (which might be complicated for something like armor, which can greatly vary in durability while displaying %), then only allow it to store 100% mint condition items.
-You can't store bundles/gifts, since the data would likely be a bit too complicated. Bundling wrap/gift wrap wrap, however, would work fine.

In particular, the main reason I would want this is to hopefully reduce lag. I like keeping a substantial amount of items in my base, but my performance absolutely tanks when I'm nearby my storage, most likely to the sheer amount of chests/items/gifts of said items on the ground. Having a structure that can take a significant amount of items would likely help significantly with this, as it would reduce the amount of items on the ground while basically mass compressing them into a single storage slot, with the potential to build more, of course.


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are you able to give an example with a small diagram? I'm in favor of as much elimination of a chest area as possible because i simply find storage zones an eyesore, but i can't clearly picture what you're demonstrating


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Storing 1000 grass isnt neccesary. Is a players problem

Same with a lot of materials and items that some players acumulate but is impossible that they will waste them before they get more

That doesnt mean that im agaisnt new ways of storage but some players behaviors are the real problem more than ingame mechanics 

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I personally like to rebuild my base I'm expanding it every time using up lots of grass twigs, stone boards and gold. 

This is one of the things I really like about this game keep changing the world also I love to make lots of cobblestone roads and I make my own rocky turf. Love to see some storage increase for those items.

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