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  1. If have bin watching the new beta and must say it not bringing my joy to play on ps4 anymore I'll explain. I don't mind that there is no mods, I do mind the fact that there's a lot of differences between pc an console like using staffs or the kiting system. Now with the new beta you removed farms, removed the ability to give normal crops to the bird for seeds, removed the way of refreshing eggs. The eggs I used to make fresh foods for wigfrid, I like bacon and eggs. I'm adjusting my playstyle but now it looks like you really don't want me to megabase on the ps4 anymore, I hope you consider the fact that there is already a way harder playstyle and I personally like to stream this game after work to have fun, I'm already busy trying to do it all now it seems I need to gather foods all day for friend that are drop in my game and are not that familier with all the mechanics of DST. Can I plz enjoy this game. Don't mind wildfires, diseases, restrains and so on just really don't see the point of not beeing able to refresh my foods. Think about this I challenge you to p!at the game on a ps4 for a month a see the already massive hardness in comperison to the pc. Hope you still love all your supporters and don't ruin the game with this newest beta.
  2. It looks like a punishment, I'm streaming and have drops on, sad thing is hollowed night is only available on pc not on console. No skins, no drops, no new items before you know it the event is over and we need to wait an other year. If you want drop don't accomplice players the are screwed at the moment. Shame on you for releasig the update only for pc.
  3. I have the same problem, to get past this I set my world to public with password that works, also joining to party is working This way you can still play with friends.
  4. The statues normaly respawn after killing fuelweaver on pc and console just not in my world on PS4. My gems come from dragonfly and some broken clockworks. So im always low on thulecite only get some from killing the ancient guardian again
  5. The range of staffs are so short that it realy is no match to the range on pc, i love to use staffs like lazy explorer but the short range makes them almost useless on PS4. I love to see a range increase on all staffs to lower the gap with the pc version of this game.
  6. I killed fuelweaver 8 times and the thulecite statue do not respawn. Monkeys, clockworks, ancient guardian, slurpers, broken clockworks respawn just not the statues. I cant make any thulecite items this way. Im streaming my gameplay on twitch and at 7k days still have to use logsuits plz fix this so i can use the ancient pseudoscience station to make armor and amulets. I love the dont starve series only see that playing it on PS4 is way harder than on pc.
  7. Same here, game crashes trying to collect honey from beehives, this bug happens after downloading and instaling a klei bug fix.