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  1. I have the same issue the attack option on ps4 is only appearing if I'm really close to an enemy, same go's if I try to destroy sea stacks I need to be next to the sea stack. Maybe they can bump up the attack range a bit. Same on the starcaller staff and the lazy explorer range is to close.
  2. I have the same problem, old world day 5k+ and every update is working including the new CC boss, I set pigs to more and the torch pig is not spawning.
  3. You can close the report just wanted to make a note of this. Keep up the good work. Bunaspiro
  4. I have been playing the event and got all items and upgrades for the beefalo and got no more errors. The only thing that happen was the bound beefalo after unbounded walk to the event spot and started his own herd. Don't understand why he did that. You can close the report coz there has been no error. Keep up the good work. Bunaspiro
  5. Ok I can't reproduce the error, maybe it was the lureplant farm I had in the cave, some of the eyeballs spawned right next to or under the pillars that are there I removed the houseplants farm I don't get any errors anymore. The error I got was a. DST message and the only option was to reset my console. Plz close this bug report and thanks for the response. Bunaspiro
  6. I had the same problem, used the pitchfork the entire stream to place cave rock on some tree infested land ands end the stream 2 days before winter starts. Next day I tried to stream game keep loading ps4 server issue from last week. Started to stream again 2 days ago and all the work I had dun was gone somehow. I started again on day 3 of summer so I lost about 3 seasons of work. My work is over 4300k days and works fine now, I think its like Charles is saying did not save property. Now the save are working again. In the stream more console players tell me they lost some progress.
  7. Thanks for the response , I'l try to reproduce it I will do this Saturday.
  8. I'm try to reproduce the issue, it give me a text error message. I don't have the option to report it playstaion. Error message stays in screen until I reboot my ps4. I'm update my answer after some tests to reproduce the crash
  9. Almost there, game now crashes when I take a unbound bell to the caves. If I leave the bell on the ground and go to the cave's everything is fine. Latest patch installed.
  10. I have the same problem, can't just till 8 or 9 plots in 1 square, maybe they can divide the farm in 9 pieces that will make farming a bit more easy, faster and fun.
  11. After the last update I can finally play the year of the beefalo event, but when I bring a unbound bell to the caves it crashes the game. I have no problems with the cave if I leave the bell on the surface, also if I bound a beefalo and leave the bell on the surface everything is just fine. The crash require me to reset my ps4
  12. I have the same problem on ps4, my gold is shining tru the pigking statues / pillars
  13. I have the latest patch installed but still my game crashed during the event. It has bin crashing to many time now that I don't want to do the event anymore. I'm a streamer on twitch and have to reset my stream every time the game crashes. The crashes appear after after I place the beefalo on his stage or when dressing the beefalo. If I re roll my game and don't do event stuff my game won't crash at all. I'm playing on ps4