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On 4/3/2021 at 1:46 AM, HowlVoid said:

Not sure if its because all the coffee I drank but I need to make a post of this to keep the night terrors away.

Fair warning its gonna get dark.

So, we've all seen the shorts right? They look innocent enough, with each character ending their animation by being transported into the constant. What if what we are witnessing is actually their death?

From the very beginning this game has always been pretty dark, like really dark. The characters are constantly dying and resurrecting, over and over and over and over again,  as if they are in some nightmarish torture realm. When we take a quick look at characters' downsides and upsides something... seems odd. Not to mention how we interact with them and exploit them. What's worse is we could be acting as the jailors. Ensuring their punishment will be everlasting. I will go into each character with shorts thus far separately. 

Willow: She burned down an orphanage, and wether it was intentional or not, she may have killed people. Perhaps she never made it out alive. Willow is now immune to being burned alive... Or is she? She is not in control. We are. 

"Willows sanity is down. Im going to burn down some trees and make her stand in it."

Stand in it willow. Your sanity is going to increase. You like to burn things, so enjoy it. Here is bernie with scorch marks, to remind you what a burned person may look like. 

Winnona: She is a hard worker, labor is all she knows. There was an accident. A building collapsed. Winnona could never possibly blame herself, it absolutely is not her fault. A constant flurry of denials. 

"Winnona is a pick and swap character. Her catapults are must haves."

Your accomplishments will never be your own. People will use you and discard you, like trash. Your hard labor will forever be for others to exploit. If you deny it was you, other will deny you also.

Woodie: Woodie, just what did you do to lucy? You were chopping wood like any other day, weren't you? You didn't see her coming out from behind that tree. You just couldn't live with yourself... could you... Woodie?

"Chop, chop,chop. I'm going to use Lucy, what a great axe."

Every time you chop you will hear it, her voice. She sounds all so nonchalantly towards you, making your suffering all that much worse. You know, deep down, you're a monster. what you did... Can never be forgiven nor forgotten, especially, by you. Though you hate it. We will ensure you cut wood, forever.

Wendy: You're sister was always so eager to play with you. She tried her best to always get your attention, didn't she? 

Wendy! Look, look!  

She made it hard, Didn't she? So, so hard to ignore her pleas to play. Maybe you gave her a little shove? To show her how dangerous it is to play on those cliffs and frighten her. It was only a little shove...

"Wendy is so weak without abigail."

Hard as you may, you will never out run her. Hard as you may, you will always need her. We will use her to take the blows for you, like a tool. Only pain awaits you, without your sister by your side.

Wigfrid:  She was a diva. Fame is a fickle thing. You have it, until you don't. It can be such a frustrating up hill battle just to gaze upon where you once stood. Sometimes we take out our frustrations on those who helped us along the way... physically. When there was no one left to abuse... Did she turn her anger... on herself?

"Wigfrid is a good tank. She can shrug off any damage"

Sometimes anger can be bliss. To let out your frustrations full force until you get your way. However, you may one day feel every blow that you have inflicted upon others, unto yourself.

Wes: Living in society can be hard. Everyone has to do their part to put food on the table. You hear it all the time: "Beggars cant be choosers". Perhaps, Wes came up with a solution: "Then if I beg, others will just have to choose for me!" On the outside it can look so easy; to believe that society will take care of you. Then you have it, hunger. An ever lasting sensation that was the only company every lonesome night. Then one night, your hunger was no more.

"Wes is so useless if he cant benefit others! But don't buff him! Only give him perks to benefit others!" 

How the tables have turned, Wes. Hurry! Hurry! You are needed over here! Now over there! We will place the world on your shoulder, though we know it will crush you. And no matter where you go, there will always be those who call you weak and immediately shun you. All based on reputation alone. They cant see how we've worked you, down to the bone.


Ok, now Im going to sleep. None of this will probably make sense to me in the morning.

wurt is too pure to be in hell with her around its just heaven 

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9 minutes ago, Dextops said:

wurt is too pure to be in hell with her around its just heaven 

Wurt is a mother who drowned her own children. Everytime she sees dead fish it reminds her of her dead babies.

Dont try me I will twist the most wholesome characters, Haha.

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1 minute ago, Dextops said:

wurt is like 6

also everytime she sees a dead fish of course she'd be disturbed its like staring at a dead baby ready to be prepared to eat

You must be really bored to be reviving old topics lol

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1 minute ago, Jrramon_GOLD said:

If the constant is hell. How would you escape the constant. How will the survivors end up escaping hell?

by being so cool that the devil himself gives them a pass... except for wilson he stays

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