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  1. I also tought it was a bug the first time i managed to get the festive lights during winterfeast, but because i played without searching on the wiki or videos of the game (Where everyone plays with the event aparently), but being something that received no changes we assume is intended
  2. He is like the Ancestor from Darkest Dungeon, guided by an obsessive "morbid" curiosity. The thing is we don't know what exactly he found. I also suspect he is in the moon, but like he already found all the answers he wanted, then found something about the moon and moved his curiosity to it.
  3. Try to fit all in your screen, i think you made it too big
  4. It's hard to adquire the discipline to keep your goal, over the difficulties. Keep trying and searching answers that's all anyone can say about it.
  5. You mean like how maxwell does when he summons a shadow? If it is, check that character's code.
  6. What do you mean by mid-winter? Starts to snow immediatly? There's already snow when you spawn? You don't start at day 1? Temperature's already low?
  7. Uh, actually The mass from the smallest piece is added to the second, and magically replicates the same as the biggest one which has the standar marble piece size... blabla... bla.
  8. I had a dream of me watching a movie about wagstaff being an stereotipycal nerd, who once had an encounter with a shadow creature as a kid, so that's why he wanted to build the portal to the constant and managed to find charlie and she tells him he's actually a ghost and is dead. One of my dogs was in the movie and i woke up after breaking the tv with a cinderblock.
  9. Walter also uses marble to make one of the highest damage ammo for his slingshot.