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how to fill a rocket ?

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I'm surprised : I have a many ladders as I can add around the solid oxydizer tank and yet the game keeps telling me that storage is unreachable.

What do I miss ?

Second try : a dding a loader


Not much success either


Ok it worked, by selection for the second try

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The spot for dupes to reach for loading the Large Solid Ox tank is the bottom-center.  Because it's five tiles wide, the only way for a dupe to reach it is if the module underneath is narrower and you can put a ladder underneath the Ox tank.

AFAIK, right now a sweeper is the only useful way to fill it given it's usually wide fuel tanks or a wide engine beneath it.

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It has to be reported as a bug. I spent hours trying to figure out the same problem solution and thanks to the post I know it is a problem in the game design. There is no liquid oxidizer in the game yet, isn't there?


and now I can load oxylite (just move the module to have above the slimmer one). Thanks to Pyrex042


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7 minutes ago, KonfigSys said:

Currently I do not see an option to use LOX (no rocket module for LOX in the options yet) like it was in a vanilla game.

I do not see hydrogen engine also (though I prefer the petroleum one). It is yet to come.

Testing branch has them so.. in two days (if schedule hasn't changed) every DLC branch has them

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