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What is it with non distructable office equipment

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This has been a problem for so long.

I understand they want these things for lore purposes but once you see them that's all you need, once you've read the logs in the computers and what-not they serve no purpose other than being a massive hindrance in builds.
I hate using the devtools because as soon as they are activated it reveals the entire map (only a problem early game of course). Though due to how much these things hinder building, where you have to plan or re-plan an entire build all because of a single light/computer/locker being in the way, I've just decided that I use devtools to delete them once I've explored the map fully.

Infact, I would personally love if there was a way to mine even neutronium but make the absolute last layer a new completely indestructible material. That way you're able to remove the bumps in the neutronium walls on edges/bottom of map at super end-game. 
Though of course this is nowhere near as inconvenient as the lights and stuff are, it's not even inconvenient really, it would more so just feel pretty cool to get to a point where we are able to remove the bumps.

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These undestructibles buildings were such annoying in the main game.

But with the new teleporters, cryotank, and the comeback of the thermo-nullifier, it just become impossible to make the base of our dream. :-/


Please Klei devs, geysers and such are enough blocking. Let us just deconstruct the special buildings.

Or remove it, since it's strange to find a way to colonize a second planetoïd in a DLC based on finding new places to find resources with space technology. ;) 

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On 1/11/2021 at 9:44 AM, rumbleguts said:

the reason that the office equipment can't be deconstructed doors and light fittings as well once they have been searched and added to data files.

Sorry, a table and a chair are technologies that are generations ahead of the scientific knowledge of duplicants, they can't reverse-engineer them back into a piece of metal. Too complex.

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Its quite the shame Klei has not enabled deconstruct on these, or even changed the material they are made of into not neutronium.

This has been a problem for many of my playthroughs, but I guess they just consider it such a minor problem we will see it fixed by DLC 3.

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