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  1. This could be a suggestion for the devs as well but I'll leave this here. I would love to make this myself but sadly, I don't even know where to begin. I mean, it doesn't need much of an explanation, title says all really, but yeah, I'd really love to be able to see dupes Stamina in the Vitals window. Is there a kind soul that could, if at all possible, make this a thing?
  2. On my cycle ~1800 map that was started on the preview I have about 40 FPS with debug menu superspeed, 60 without. Its an increase of about 10 FPS compared to on preview. Oh but yes, it does freeze for about a second when panning around, not too often though (super speed only)
  3. Temporal tear

    I'm personally assuming (hoping more like it) that we get a (or a few) DLC where once you break the Temporal Tear, you'll land on a new asteroid, or maybe even a planet, with all new elements (where majority aren't real life elements) that behave far differently, and they can have some fun with that. Of course new critters, geysers/vents and technology.
  4. Seeing as I feel these should be destructible I just use the debug menu to destroy them. You have no use for them once you've got the log entries/food/clothing, the broken lamps are the most aggravating, They are often times in the way and with as many suggestions I see all the time about making them destructible, its a wonder they are indestructible still. There was a mod that made them destructible but can't find it, and last I tried it, it didn't quite work.
  5. Reason I asked is because, they should still go sleep even if they are on a yellow alert, according to the wiki at least, but they don't. To me it feels like Yellow Alert should not prevent personal tasks, it should be the top work priority, and if you then need this task done ASAP, then you activate Red Alert, otherwise there's little point in having Red Alert?
  6. https://i.imgur.com/WLVVvpZ.mp4 Its only this particular tile. Dig the regolith under and its fine because the undiggable regolith falls from that undiggable spot. The Luxury Spacepad.sav
  7. How actually is this supposed to work? Dupes seem to forget all the things they need to live just to carry out Yellow Alert prioritized jobs, of which I always have Coal generators set at because they still forget to dump coal in them if I don't. The won't use bathroom, they won't eat, they won't sleep, all because of yellow alert. So what makes it different from red alert other than it being a top priority?
  8. It feels like something that should be possible to do, to shift where the oil ends up by a few tiles~
  9. Mine! Doors close at night which lets water go on to my "clean" polluted water tank, still has a few germs in it because this takes a few cycles to set up but getting to 100% germ free! Water Pump pumps in water when doors are closed (and hopefully shuts off before tank gets full, otherwise more polluted enter the tanks contaminating it again so been some tinkering with the time sensor. Though all the water from the first reservoir is still germ free so most water gets through anyway. Shut off connected to a germ sensor to not let even a single germ out, if it has a few germs still its fed back into the pool. There are numerous reasons why you'd want to decontaminate water, any water you have going to espresso machines or the water cooler will give your dupes a slight chance of food poisoning. Electrolyzer will also output germy oxygen if the water used is germy~
  10. Hmm, I see, well, if we could set the doors up to work they way I wanted to then that'd be enough for me. pl0x
  11. My first Rime world didn't have it. On this second one I found a single grain buried in an ice biome (had wolframite). So... lucky.
  12. See that plug? That plug has annoyed me since automation was released. '-' It shows up on almost every building unless the building sprite hides it. So, could we maybe possibly have it so these plugs turn invisible when connected to something? Doesn't even look connected at this point. '-'
  13. The pressure plate would have to be in a spot where they always run past, and then within that x number of seconds they'd have to go do their business in the room. But yes, there are work arounds for "simulating" this idea, but they are clunky and it'd simply be far easier if we just got a yellow signal on certain things~
  14. How about an automation signal that isn't so restrictive, being Open or Closed? Was just now wanting to use the motion sensor to make a door automatically open when dupes get near it, so as to avoid them having to wait as long to go through it, I completely forgot that when the signal is red, it just locks the door instead so they'll never use it. So I was thinking that a yellow signal for automation would be nice, add an option of it outputting a red or yellow signal to certain items, like the motion sensor, if it outputs a yellow signal, the item in this case would leave the door at "Auto" setting so dupes will still go for the door, but instead of them having to rub against the door and wait for however long, it'll automatically open when they get within the radius of the sensor~ This could possibly have a use on many appliances in the game, not just doors, though doors would be the big one for me but could certainly experiment with other things as well.
  15. No thanks on first one, I've never liked having to unlock difficulties. Being able to take dupes to a new asteroid would be cool though. Especially if its very different from the things we know now. Meaning it should be DLC.