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  1. The thing is that in Vanilla I used 3, maximum 4 downtime slots and it was always enough even in situations where the dude had to run half a map to the base. Now I find that by increasing the downtime to three slots, dudes manage to use recbuilding at the very end. In fact, they end up using recbuilding in the second sleep slot. And that's assuming that the mod gives them time to safely finish the last errand and return to base (the problem was not in the mod). That is, they start doing "their business" inside the base. The base, meanwhile, has lighting, plastic floors and ladders. That is, travel time is reduced to a minimum. This is their usual way: They perform all these actions in 3+ time slots. And I have a clear feeling that they used to do it faster.
  2. Hmmmm... In fact, at this very moment almost all of my dudes are near the base (all the tasks are not far away). I have 2 points in downtime. That should be enough as far as I'm concerned (it used to be). Another thing is that I use the mod for the extra mode in the schedule. Maybe it doesn't work correctly with other schedules. Thanks for letting me know! The problem is apparently on my side. When I figure out what the problem is, I'll post.
  3. But, based on your idea, you don't have to think at all about what to shove into the room, but just shove and shove until she starts doing everything at all. You wrote about controlling uber-rooms, but the whole base is then reduced to three large rooms anyway. This will just spawn rooms where the dude will get +10 morale for nothing. Also, the logic is clear as long as we're talking about rec rooms and all sorts of peripherals like decor. Say, to combine a toilet and a great hall or stables and a recreation room would be highly inappropriate. By the way, I think you've seen it, but just in case, check out this mod:
  4. Good night. I waited for about 250 cycles. Dudes don't use Jukebox and Mechanical Surfboard, placed in the recreation room. There are two soda fountains placed on the base, used very rarely (1 use in the last 10 cycles). The cooler is never used, although I never paid attention to how it was used before. The screenshots show the correct placement of buildings (The arcade game machine is not connected). I didn't check all of the recreational structures. Tried reloading, rebuilding the structure again. Thanks for attention.
  5. If the proposal is only about organizing storage, I'm all for it. There's not enough big storage in the game, especially gas. Overall, modular storage sounds cool, but it's not clear how the heat transfer issue will be handled. Right now it's implemented pretty poorly. Under certain conditions, you can even store lava in the cooper tanks without any danger of melting it down. If we are talking about a significant increase in the efficiency of water or gas compression, I do not support this idea. The volumes within the game are well respected. Or rather, well respected for liquids, and not so well for gas: at the beginning of the game we can pump 150 kg of gas into 15 cells without any compression, and at the end of the game we can store only 300 kg of gas in the same volume (and should be able to store about a ton). The game greatly lacks high-pressure storage, powerful pumps and compressors, as well as appropriate pipes with high flow or pressure capacity.
  6. Oh, I did the same thing with ATMO in the previous version. They really didn't work that cool even back then. Ah, I saw your bug report. I have a feeling that dudes have forgot how to dig and build from an open airlock. In fact, it now opens, the dude is dumb-standing at the entrance, the airlock closes, and you end up with a magically built or excavated block in front of the airlock. It is clear that, as a result of such work, there are blockages and long deliberations at the entrance. I even once saw a dude stalling in space while his apparently holy spirit was scrambling for a piece of granite to continue building the wall. That is, without entering the airlock, he was able to get this piece of granite, which is quite far from the airlock, and continue building. Renamed it to Noob Saibot.
  7. Thanks for sharing!) I've already tweaked some mechanism that more often than not gets the job done. It just annoys me anyway that there should be such mechanisms at all. I mean, in my opinion, it's a flaw in the rocket management system, rather than a really interesting game challenge. Of course I have tons of them. There are no options here. Weird, in general I thought I was going to be told what a terrible idea it was to throw an extension cord in the cockpit.
  8. There just happens to be a problem with getting through a mechanical airlock. I can not yet describe this bug, as I do not understand the reasons for reproduction. And you talk about such complicated things here!!! No, it's not even about the wheel. I turn it off when the rocket is on the ground, even if the food spoils a bit during the work, it's not a big deal. But dudes run inside for many reasons: the toilet in the rocket is the closest, the source of oxygen and food in the rocket is the closest, they bring something into the rocket and decide to sit there. In general, all this, of course, can be controlled, but it's just wrong. I come back from Astrod III, look into the rocket, and there's a rap party, a clogged latrine, piled up in the corner... all the oxygen out, and half the fridge eaten. And I'm starting to wonder what I did that they decided to sit there and I remember that I just decided to run a wire to the rocket, then went off on other business. I told them to lay the wire, and now I have another 15 minutes to spend getting the rocket in order.
  9. Yes. We need an "errands only" mode. Right here: Why? Because often the presence of dudes inside during the idle time of a rocket is undesirable. They breathe a lot. They clog the toilets. They come just to stand inside. I realize that this is technically quite difficult to implement (Because running into the space toilet is also an "errand" and it's hard to separate one from the other), but it wouldn't be bad if dudes could only come in if they have errands to run AND leave when there are no errands to run. And they wouldn't have to be lured out of there or have to build ridiculous control systems that have to be controlled manually anyway. What I find now is that controlling duplicants and micromanaging missiles sometimes takes too much time and automation. I even think you could replace "All" with "errands only." That is, the main task is to keep dudes from standing around inside and prevent them from using the toilets inside the rocket. Right now there is no normal solution to this problem. Doors and rights to use the toilets do not solve the problem, because it only limits the list of dudes who will run in there to loiter. Checkpoints don't solve the problem because there is no event to which you can tie the rights for bypass and the system can't kick dudes out from inside when they've already gone in. The only way is to manually change modes from "All" to " Crew" when no one is selected for the crew. But, if it's complicated and time-consuming, please at least install an outlet on the rocket platform, even if it's 2000W consumption, and throw an extension cord in the cockpit. Seriously, dudes learned how to fly into space on carbon dioxide. Can they bring an extension cord into the cockpit, so that while the rocket is standing idle, there is electricity inside? I get it, you put in a battery that charges from the engine, super, but that's a whole module, and there are very few modules you can put in... With carbon dioxide rockets, I'm fine with not having electricity in space, but on earth you can let the internal systems be powered from external sources, right? It even says on the battery that it can be recharged from the rocket platform, which means that such an idea has definitely crossed your mind. So if I have to wait, I'll wait. Oh, sorry. Good morning and thx for attention.
  10. It's more like they're not happy with me. Or I need to reconsider the institution of education in the colony.
  11. Sorry, I was changing the main picture. When you look closer, the resemblance is not so noticeable. But in the big picture, it's always striking to the eye.