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  1. Okay, I'll brag too. I got a very stingy brine geyser, which is not enough to produce the required level of oxygen generation and a normal dirty water geyser. So I spent a long time poking around and made the following system: 1. The water is drawn from the geyser of the brine, cools the oxygen, goes into the desalination tank and then goes to electrolysis until there is not enough of it. 2. As soon as the automation realizes that there is not enough brine, it shuts off the brine pipe and pumps poluted water into the pipe (from the poluted water geyser). 3. the cold poluted water goes into the lyser to cool the oxygen, then enters the chamber, where the automatics heats it up to 10 degrees. 4. Then the water goes into the Water Sieve, after which it goes for hydrolysis. 5. Once the brine is plentiful again, the reverse process of replacing the dirty water with brine takes place. 6. The entire process is monitored by automation, which takes the "stray" brine or poluted water out of the system depending on the stage of the process. If you ask why the hell is it necessary in general, I will explain that desalting in the case of brine occurs without the need to heat water (it always comes out 40 degrees or more), but the purification of water does not change its temperature. Therefore, for the production of oxygen brine is ideal, but the poluted water is better used for everything else due to the better ability to control the temperature of the final clean water.
  2. The thing is that in Vanilla I used 3, maximum 4 downtime slots and it was always enough even in situations where the dude had to run half a map to the base. Now I find that by increasing the downtime to three slots, dudes manage to use recbuilding at the very end. In fact, they end up using recbuilding in the second sleep slot. And that's assuming that the mod gives them time to safely finish the last errand and return to base (the problem was not in the mod). That is, they start doing "their business" inside the base. The base, meanwhile, has lighting, plastic floors and ladders. That is, travel time is reduced to a minimum. This is their usual way: They perform all these actions in 3+ time slots. And I have a clear feeling that they used to do it faster.
  3. Hmmmm... In fact, at this very moment almost all of my dudes are near the base (all the tasks are not far away). I have 2 points in downtime. That should be enough as far as I'm concerned (it used to be). Another thing is that I use the mod for the extra mode in the schedule. Maybe it doesn't work correctly with other schedules. Thanks for letting me know! The problem is apparently on my side. When I figure out what the problem is, I'll post.
  4. Good night. I waited for about 250 cycles. Dudes don't use Jukebox and Mechanical Surfboard, placed in the recreation room. There are two soda fountains placed on the base, used very rarely (1 use in the last 10 cycles). The cooler is never used, although I never paid attention to how it was used before. The screenshots show the correct placement of buildings (The arcade game machine is not connected). I didn't check all of the recreational structures. Tried reloading, rebuilding the structure again. Thanks for attention.
  5. Good afternoon. After reloading there is a problem with finding a resource to build. I have a lot of copper ore, but when building the wire says otherwise. It is worth noting that almost all copper ore is stored in bins. And the problem is only with the copper ore. And it is the only one that is problematic. On the behavior of the dudes does not affect, they are properly bring the ore and build wires. I took the copper out of the boxes, but nothing changed. Perhaps the bug has something to do with the new worldgen rules. Such bugs constantly occur inside the rockets during construction. There may also pop up a message that there is no specialist (when building a conveyor line for example). Thanks for attention.
  6. I think it's unlikely that they've developed a radically new scheme for the anti-rad. Most likely, it works the same way as immunoboosters. That is, there was a 20% chance of getting sick on contact, now it's 5%. That the radiation works based on the mechanics of viral (and allergic) infections is hinted at by this entry, which they forgot to block (this is the first asteroid, there is no slimelung):
  7. Or finally get the mechanics of Gassy Moo's reproduction. Maybe Moo is a product of irradiating duplicants with strong doses of radiation.
  8. Good evening! The description of the disease reads as follows: In fact, the dude is also vomiting. At this point the disease is incurable and fatal. Besides, it doesn't go away on its own. It's not that I'm against this development, but it makes me laugh to read the definitions of "minor" and "slightly tired". This disease makes the duplicant useless after a couple of cycles, and dead after 20-30. You should at least leave some room for severe radiation sickness. That is, at the moment, it is the only fatal disease in the game. You shouldn't call it by such easy names.
  9. I believe the mechanics work in a chance rather than cumulative way. I mean, yes, the pills eliminate the radiation, but the fact that it interacts with the dude in any way at all gives a chance of disease. I don't know if that's how it's designed, but that concept is fine with me, just let them not die, but recover after, say, 20 cycles. I do wonder, though, if this is minor radiation sickness, then what is severe...
  10. Why not? Normal cells block radiation with varying efficiency. I measured it. A normal cell blocks 1 unit of radiation. Metal and airflow cage - blocks 0 Insulation - blocks 3.5 (passing through it the radiation beam loses 3 or 4 units). That is, it takes 8 blocks of insulation to block the cosmic radiation background. But your guys will get sick while they're building it. Reminds me of Chernobyl)
  11. Okay, now there are two of them. There were two of them... I built a little hospice for radiation sick Dupes, inside they could only eat, sleep, **** and lie on the massage table. Of course, I forbade them to go out. but in the end, they don't survive. A long painful death. They vomit, they suffocate, like with Slimelung, they fall down from exhaustion and can't get enough sleep, and eventually don't have time to eat enough to cover their caloric intake. Death comes from starvation. I still haven't found any way to protect myself from radiation, except for 2 tile high layer of water. I can't figure out how to get to lead yet, to test the lead wall theory, I have both diggers sick and one of them is already dead. Great game! Well, the problem is that radiation protection is impossible without lead (new lead suits were introduced here). But radiation shows up before you even have a hypothetical chance to dig up lead at all (cosmic radiation). Moreover, to research a lead suit, you need a collider (a new research station) powered by radiation. Rad Pills could be a way out, if not for the idiotic micromanagement around their ingestion. I mean, to fly to another asteroid, you have to make a whole ton of these pills and bring them with you, they last 1 cycle.
  12. Long story short, this guy was building a series of solar panels and now he's sick. That's how I suddenly found out that radiation was introduced. Eating Rad pills is useless. Moreover, the first aid kit that could, theoretically, treat this has disappeared from the production list. Sick Bay now requires some kind of incomprehensible thing. Apparently, the first aid kit went to recycle and never came back. I've been trying to figure out how to cure a dude for about an hour now. What's more, I still haven't figured out how you can shield radiation (I assume with a lead wall, but I don't even have lead yet!) Before I go swearing in bug reports, I decided to ask, does anyone know a way to cure the dude? Maybe I just don't understand the mechanics of radiation. Edited: Ah, yes. The disease doesn't go away on its own. There's nothing in description about the dude having to throw up.