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  1. It wont have much use, if at all. Once you get to the mid to late game, the power is free and abundant. There are SO many options to create power in ONI. A better use for the chips on consumers would be to speed them up. Lets say remove 1/3 of the manufacture time.
  2. Kitchen Room?

    I was thinking more of a bonus to kCal for meals if its prepared in a kitchen.
  3. Kitchen Room?

    Yup, we all bundle the cooking together. Kitchen room and a Lab room have been requested a couple of times. Its really logical to have such rooms.
  4. I cant believe that such scumbags exist. Hacking channels and deleting videos. I really enjoyed Brothgars` videos. I`ve been reporting each and every livestream I get a notification for, maybe youtube will resolve this.
  5. Isnt a critter always wild when born from an egg outside of the incubator?
  6. If I recal correctly, real world thermal conductivity changes with temperature. I think it had something to do with there being more free electrons if the temperature is higher. Maybe the tried to implement that in the game somehow?
  7. Couple this with volcanoes and I smell infinite coaaaal
  8. what the hell :D, attach a save file please
  9. Lol, is this legit? Ranching Gulp fish tonight I guess
  10. Make sure to sweep the map. That can double the frame rate and reduce the lag by alot.
  11. I think it should be like a mesh tile
  12. Can i get some help

    From what I see, you have a problem with the piping, also you have an additional drain on your power, which is the Liquid Shutoff valve and finally you dont extract any power from the aquatuner. The aquatuner is what drains your power mostly and it should be on a separate wire controled by Smart bateries. One way to tame the Cool Steam Vent is to have the aquatuner inside with the steam. Here is a pretty cool video on the subject: Another way to tame the steam vent is by using the Hydrogen which comes from the Electrolyzer. Just pipe the Hydrogen in the chamber where the cool steam vent is, and that will be enough to condense the steam. When you burn the Hydrogen for power, that heat will be destroyed. The pipe problem you have is because your pipes are not linked correctly. Check this for reference: Notice how the pipes are continues. If White Input backs up, it goes to the next White Input. Green Outputs have a priority to them. The first Green output always blocks any other Green output after it. This means that the aquatuner will output first, and the loop second. The Liquid reservoir is there to ensure continues water flow in the pipe. There are many ways to do this but I`ve found that with a Liquid reservoir you always get what you want right away. To solve the power issue, you must extract the power from the aquatuner. Because its cooling down (water probobly) it`ll heat up its surondings. Best way to extract power from it is to put it below a steam turbine. Notice that I have another smart battery which is only on the aquatuner - steamturbine circuit. This battery controls the steam turbine. I have a separate smart battery which is on the Hydrogen Generator - Electrolyzer circuit. Using both batteries I can separate the power consumption, feeding more power into the aquatuner if I have 80% on the Hydrogen Generator Battery. Eventually this becomes a self cooling SPOM.
  13. Can i get some help

    Well what do you need help with? Are you running out of Hydrogen? Are your pipes bursting? Is the system backing up, not filtering correctly?
  14. [Game Update] - 371502

    I said mods are disabled, not not working.