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  1. Hmmm, when neutronium is digged out/destroyed by a rocket, will the buried object be destroed as well?
  2. Cant we see it? I would love to see some concept art or dev version gameplay screenshots for things not in the game. The devs from Warframe show such things all the time.
  3. Thats not really how difficulty works though. I get what you are suggesting, increasing the resource cost in order to increase difficulty. With this however you get a diablo 3 style difficulty increase, where the levels no longer matter. The same game, same gameplay, just slightly higher numbers. This image comes to mind: A true difficulty setting should alter the gameplay so that previously obtained knowledge will no longer be enough to win. You`ll have to learn new things and alter your style, improve more. Examples: 1. Introduce hostility as a critter trait, not just for Pokeshells. 2. Remove the option for a true vaccum, making it difficult to isolate machines. 3. Make it so dupes cant work in a dark environment, without lights. 4. Limit the positive traits for dupes to just one, while negative traits have to be at least 2. 5. Make it so dupes cant be healed on their own and would die from slimelung unless treated by a doctor dupe. And on an on
  4. Makes sense to have sound in the game. Wonder how it should be implemented. Sound waves travel through a medium, so that could affect its propagation. Vacuum shouldnt allow sound. Critters would be cool if they could emit sounds. Also why not a new room type, factory or something like that, where there will be a "Clock in" station where dupes equip some stuff so that sound and decor levels are less of a factor. There is so much to be explored with sound, love the idea!
  5. I mean in general Like in the chemical industry, or manufactoring etc. Real life applications.
  6. After looong tests I figured it out. The Oil refinery was loosing power, this is why the dupe was switching tasks. I had the refinery with and oil well, liquid and gas pump all on the same 1kW transformer. They were switching on all at the same time exceeding the wattage frequently.
  7. Perhaps hunger is the issue. Maybe not enough down time to eat so his tasks get interrupted constantly. Will try to increase down time. Lol "Do your job dupe! Do you want me to use the Printer Pod?!"
  8. I got an engineer dupe which goes to do all kinds of stuff, just not the one thing he has the highest priority to do: The refinery has power, has oil, has an outlet, no issues there. BUT for some reason the dupe feels like harvesting mushrooms.
  9. I like the CO2 splitter idea. Typically I vent kg/s of CO2 into space when I`m exiting the midgame. Just dont have need for it. Unless I have ranchers to spare, slickster are a waste of time. However, if we can have a machine which produces O2 from CO2 then the petroleum boiler will hit a whole new level.
  10. I doubt that we`ll see any disease mechanic in ONI that would improve the gameplay. Dealing with parasites will probably be done with Chlorine, so basically the same machines we use to disinfect will remain unchanged. Adding parasites adds nothing new to the game. Adding a new feature should enhance the gameplay with either presenting a new problem to solve in a unique way or introducing a new unique way to solve an existing problem. Otherwise, whats the point of adding new things if the gameplay remains unchanged?
  11. Tried this, works great. Its not a 100% accurate, but I`d say 85%. I wanted a map with 2 slush geysers and one polluted water vent (+ other stuff) but got only the slush geysers, which is not bad, but had to figure out how to warm the water for crops.
  12. @heikki9736 lol your posts make me laugh. Love the game physics, 365 cycles makes a year therefore ..., sky sand eating bison are OP, dont you dare farm anything bla bla bla Its a game dude, just have fun with it. I get that the food sources arent balanced and you can bet money that the devs are aware of it, but it sounds like this really bothered you enough to make a thread anyway...
  13. Well if thats the goal, I`d much rather have the metal tiles work for heat transfer for buildings, makes more sense to me.