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Does anyone else want a Bearded Dragon giant?

Choose what you would want  

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    • No unique pet, no giant
    • Unique pet, no giant
    • No unique pet, giant
    • Unique pet AND giant

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In general I dislike the idea of bosses- I dislike most everything associated to bosses.. I dislike that most of them grant items that make staying alive easier, I dislike that in order to use the cool vampire bat pet I bought from the Halloween collection that I have to be forced into fighting some boss that it is tied to.

If these pets had unique OP abilities... I could maybe understand them being tied down to a boss, but as it stands now only the Lunar Moth does something useful.

So to answer your Question: No I wouldn’t want it to be its own Pet and No I wouldn’t want it to be yet another boss.

But if they wanted to make it a common mob in a new biome (preferably another Island full of content similar to Lunar) then that is something I would enjoy.

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