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Hatch Spawning

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Internet: Searched.

Klei Forums: Searched.

Hi all, I found out WAY too late that Hatches only spawn at the beginning. If they're all dead - they're all dead.

I'd like to know of a way I can spawn a couple to get my coal farm started. I've searched the internets and found someone who made "templates" for everything, but ALL links to that are dead. Likewise, all similar links in the Klei forums are dead. That's the problem with posting links in forums - they all die eventually and clutter up search results.

Can someone help?


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I think we have different versions. There is no sandbox checkbox available for me, plus your menu screenshot looks different from mine. But I *have* been using sandbox mode in general on a junk world just to test out ideas. Out of all the options there, none are for critters.

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18 minutes ago, SpocksEars said:

I think we have different versions.

I will try to make this clearer





Menu without sandbox


Menu after clicking the sandbox button to the top left and enabling sandbox mode






under critters there are hatches or you can search for anything in the white box above foods like klei.ruby showed

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First off, thanks all for you quick responses and help!

I finally found a Hatch template. I've posted the link, but also attached the file for the next Searcher.

While in debug mode: 



Just click on the template, then click anywhere in the world.

Now, time to send this post back to Past Me :)



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