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  1. For the next poor soul with the same issue, here's my (untested, as I'm not done with the build yet) automation workaround for the Tony Advanced Hot Steam Tamer. It rearranges things so that nothing cuts across the liquid vents. The only other practical difference is that the atmo sensor is now placed 2 tiles to the left, but that should be ok from how I understand this build works.
  2. Thanks, triple, I thought it might be something like that. This wouldn't be the first time I've seen this. It seems half the videos on YouTube are garbage at this point due to game changes. So if someone had this running pre-update, as soon as the game updated their machines would just break one day?
  3. I'm painstakingly building this Hot Steam Tamer by Tony Advanced, but can't place something he was able to place in the video. Look at the lowest filter gate in the 2 pictures. He can place his, but I get an "automation ports cannot overlap" restriction. This build is very tight, so I don't want to move it someplace else for fear of throwing anything off. What gives? did they change that in an update since this video was made? His video: My build - note the red restriction - everything else is *exactly* the same (unless Im totally blind)
  4. Nice wachunga. I'm lazy - what are your various automation settings? (buffers, weight, atmo, etc.)
  5. Cool. Looks like as soon as I get my Francis John styled Industrial Brick started, I'm good. Between this and the volcano, I now need about a month of vacation time!
  6. Thanks MooChiChi (cow udder? LOL) - I didn't read the rest of your very informative original post where you adapted your design to different circumstances. Looks like a fun challenge. ghkbrew - OMG I didn't realize you could effectively de-activate a volcano this way!!! I'm sure the idea works for geysers too. I'm at "work" right now, but boy am I tempted to try this to see it in action. Perhaps on my "lunch" break. This forum is the best.
  7. Can any of you recommend a checklist of sorts to be consulted as a good rule-of-thumb before tackling the space biome? Something like 10 Tons of steel 5 Tons of plastic Generation of at least 5 KW and so on So what would everyone recommend?
  8. Can someone point me to an Iron Volcano Tamer (for both energy and refined iron) that: A)Doesn't require space/exotic metals, and B)Can be built after the Volcano has already been activated (but sealed away). I like these, but they each require one of those items. Francis John (probably my favorite, only pre-activation) Tony Advanced (very complex build, only pre-activation) MooChiChi (requires Niobium)
  9. I'd love to see: Pressure Overlay - I know I'm not the first to suggest this. Hot Rocks - The ability to set a temperature range for storage units. 2 sliders - upper and lower. I hate going into micromanage mode when my Hatch farm is suddenly blooming orange on the thermal overlay because some dup brought up some 50 C Igneous from the magma biome (and I do have storage down there as well). Or worse, that same hot rock being dumped into my Infinite Storage and heating *everything* up! Proper Airlock - I *know* I'm not first. An airlock that actually acts like an AIRLOCK without all these crazy hoops people jump through now.
  10. Thanks ghkbrew - After experimenting in my sandbox world, I think that's the solution I came up with - I have too many layers of transformers! When I took one "layer" out, the system worked exactly as expected. Looks like there's some base rewiring in my future...
  11. I'm obviously not thinking correctly about this. I'm testing Power Priority in Sandbox mode with 3 coal generators simulating 3 power sources from top priority to bottom with settings 60-95, 30-95, 10-95. I fully charge all 3 smart batteries, then turn on a few refrigerators. When I do that, all 3 start discharging in sync. At 60%, the top generator comes on only (as expected so far), but my fridge load continues to drain all 3 batteries which are now totally out of sync. I'm confused, nothing makes sense - am I doing this right? Shouldn't the top generator keep coming on and off unless the load gets really severe, when #2 and #3 start kicking in? Should I only be using ONE smart battery for the whole thing instead of 3? Thanks in advance - this community is amazingly helpful.
  12. I finally did it! You guys are awesome I implemented bits and pieces from everybody's advice and now have an ultra-stable geo thermal power source. It only puts out 2x300 watts or so since it's self-cooled, but those are 600 FREE watts, which was my goal. It looks like I've wrung the most power from this as possible whist keeping it stable, cool (99.4 max on the turbines) and maintenance-free. Looks like the sweet spot I found steam pressure-wise was about 65kg per tile. The temperature response-time is much much better now, I used to have over 200kg of steam per tile in there. Completely vacuuming everything out to have only hydrogen and steam in the two chambers really helped as well. I might make a few more along the bottom for more free power. Thanks again!
  13. Great easy suggestions all. Thanks. I can't wait to get "off from work" to try them (I'm at home like everybody else - hard to focus!) Oh, and since those Wheezeworts appear to do both Jack and Squat, I can take the advice of Pyrex042 and close the turbine room since I'll no longe need dupes in there delivering fertilizer. JRup, just so I understand, for my heat spike rows you suggest Magma > steelplate > steelplate > steelplate > steelplate > steeldoor > insulated tile > steamroom ? Thanks again
  14. Is it possible to make a geo-thermal energy plant without an AquaTuner? I can't seem to keep this thing cool enough to keep from getting into a runaway state. It sits there at 130C running poorly, anything above that it doesn't stop until something melts. I've tried several things, that's why there's unused pipe everywhere. At the moment, I'm trying to cool it with an AETN, but those turbines are eating it for lunch. I tried blocking some vents to have it run cooler, but no dice. Hydrogen, wheesewarts, tempshift, nothing works. An AquaTuner would use up most of the power I'm trying to generate. Should I try a thermo regulator? Should I add another steam turbine? How much water should I be using for the steam chamber (not sure what's in there now)? In the pic, ignore the thermostat above the left wheeze, it's no longer used. The thermostat on the lower left controls the temp somewhat by opening and closing all the doors. As for the doors themselves, the bottom 4 are Wolframite, the rest are Gold Amalgam. I've also just added a couple of turbine on/off switches for testing. Thanks for taking a look! P.S. These pics are of the system in a non-running state.
  15. I'm getting mentally tangled up the actual power grid layout, like where the transformers fit in. Would it be something like this, for example? Nat Gas --> SmartBattery(on 60 / off 90) --> Trans High --> Trans Low --> Common HW Backbone Perol --> SmartBattery(on 30 / off 60) --> Trans High --> Trans Low --> Common HW Backbone Coal --> SmartBattery(on 10 / off 30) --> Trans High --> Trans Low --> Common HW Backbone (As for my geo thermal turbine cooling issue, I found that a teeny tiny drip of water on top of the turbines do wonders. Also I should probably enclose the turbines in a hydrogen room to cool them more consistently. Also, also, I'm going to try the door trick to selectively shut off intakes.) he77789 - good point! I hadn't thought of that!