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  1. @mathmanican the fix was specific to interaction within a single gas only (no other behaviour was changed).
  2. Hi, if you're experiencing this behaviour please post your output log after running the game and seeing it happen. How to find the log file is explained here: https://support.klei.com/hc/en-us/articles/360029555392 Thanks!
  3. Changed Status to Fixed Based on testing locally and in the preview branch, this seems to be fixed!
  4. Changed Status to Known Issue I've implemented a fix we're testing locally. Thanks for the detailed reports.
  5. Minor update #2: there were indeed side effects... liquid grew in mass every time it flowed A small pocket of liquid would go on to flood an entire base. While the cause of the temperature discrepancy is now known, the behaviour needs more time to isolate a fix without side effects, given how the logic works.
  6. Minor update: I've got a tentative fix that we're testing locally. It makes left/right flow calculations consistent, but it may have other side effects (as you'd imagine).
  7. Thanks for the info, we're looking into this. Small note: you're using C for 300+ values, when I believe you intend to use K. (Water at 300C immediately becomes steam )
  8. @aymanoracle do you or anyone seeing this behaviour have a save file for us to test with? Thanks.
  9. Changed Status to Fixed Based on current behaviour this bug seems to have been fixed a while back. Thanks for the reports!
  10. Changed Status to Fixed Based on current behaviour this was resolved some time ago. Thanks!
  11. @crbd115 Here's the originating report, and the reasoning: