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  1. Just in case others don't check the bug tracker, the crashes related to the sparkle streaker have been fixed and a hotfix will be live soon!
  2. Changed Status to Fixed This has been fixed and will be live in a hotfix soon. Thanks!
  3. Sparkle Streaker expiry causes crash

    Changed Status to Fixed The sparkle overjoyed crash has been fixed and will go out in a patch soon. @Gwido if your crash is not related to the sparkle one, would you mind posting a log file (ideally open a separate report, if it's not related :)) Thanks!
  4. Constant "error occurred" crashes

    Changed Status to Fixed Should be fixed and up in the next update soon. Thanks for the report/details.
  5. Game crashes after update

    Changed Status to Fixed The sparkle streamer crashes should be fixed in the next update, which should be going out soon. Thanks for the report.
  6. [Meep's] Reliable crash on attached save

    Changed Status to Fixed
  7. Changed Status to Fixed Just a heads up this is fixed in the next patch which should be going out soon. Thanks for the logs and the saves.
  8. Hi @Ellilea and @tr5 - if you don't mind grabbing the log file (here is how to find it) right after a crash, and posting it here, we'd be happy to take a look. Thanks for the report.
  9. Save Broken by New Update

    If you know which mod it was specifically, I'd be interesting in knowing. Glad it's working!
  10. Save Broken by New Update

    The crashes in the log seem to be coming directly from a mod that has patched the game. I can't tell which mod it is from this, but any mod that interacts with the steam turbine is a potential cause. MissingFieldException: Field '.SteamTurbine.maxWattage' not found. at (wrapper dynamic-method) SteamTurbine.OnSpawn_Patch1
  11. Job Suitability is not working.

    This should be in the live update!
  12. Job Suitability is not working.

    Changed Status to Fixed Thanks for the save and the report. I made some fixes and it seems to be working as intended now. The fix should be retroactive as well, existing saves with a streak of 10 should achieve it. I also fixed that it wasn't displaying the correct progress updates in the colony summary. It'll correctly show the n/10 as expected going forward!
  13. Mouse Pointer Moves on its Own

    Changed Status to Closed
  14. Air ducts lagging like crazy

    Changed Status to Closed
  15. Hi, Thanks for the save. If you don't mind, when it crashes, grab the log file right after and post it here? You can find how here. Thanks!