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  1. As mentioned by @Meng.Meng the latest build should have a fix for Job Suitability as it went live in a recent patch.
  2. Crash when launch rocket to the highest planet

    Hi thanks for the report and the save. If you don't mind could you grab the log file after the crash, and post it as well? This page tells you where to find it. Thanks!
  3. Game has crashed three times today

    Can you check this page for info on finding the log files and let me know if they are somehow not found? Thanks!
  4. solar panel temperature

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. Mac Graphics Unseeable Unless...

    Changed Status to Known Issue
  6. Mac Graphics Unseeable Unless...

    Hi, this is a known issue with Catalina and fullscreen. You can try this solution below in the meantime!
  7. Game hangs on launch

    Changed Status to Closed
  8. Save file breaking

    Hi there, if your game crashes, try to grab the log file right after and post it so we can take a look. This page has the details. Thanks!
  9. game won't load

    Hi, if you don't mind, can you look for the log file the game generates when you try to run it? You can find how over here. Thanks!
  10. Grooming Station No Critters Available

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. Game craching at the end of loading a save

    If possible, would you mind posting the output log after a crash happens? The details on where to find the file are here. Thanks!
  12. Ghosts of Gravitas not completing?

    Changed Status to Fixed Thanks for the report. There was a bug in how the achievement was checked. I posted details below if you would like to achieve it consistently until the fix goes out in future.
  13. Changed Status to Fixed Thanks for the report! This was a bug in how the achievement was checked. I posted a few details over here, but this has been fixed and will be in a future update.
  14. Hi! Thanks for the save. I took a look and found the cause, it has nothing to do with the recent updates thankfully. The cause happens to be these critter capture points. These points will do a search in the "room" for critters currently, The "room" check searches outward to try and find the edges/boundary of a space. However, the "room" these are in, is currently rather large, and it may even be going down those ladders. This ends up causing spikes because it's searching a lot more tiles than it should. If you remove those capture points, or close the area off/put them in a room to your liking, you should be able to get away from the spike. Hope that helps!
  15. [Game Update] - 383949

    @Prince Mandor I've added some details in this thread.
  16. So we had a look and found that there is some weirdness that was introduced in the performance update! The only way to trigger the achievement consistently is if you reveal a POI with bio scan access (so that it gets spawned), and then enter it in the same play session. All other cases will probably not work as intended, right now. This is fixed and should be in the next hotfix, so that it's consistent again. Thanks for the details and the reports!
  17. Hi, this is related to Catalina and Unity interacting awkwardly. We're still working on a solution, but you can find a work around in this thread.
  18. Calories NaN and other items NaN.

    Thanks for save files, we're still looking into this issue and the more cases we have the easier it is to debug.
  19. Game Crash on New Game / Save

    Hi, you can try find the log using this page. If you can grab the log right after a crash, we can take a look. Thanks!
  20. Changed Status to Fixed This has been tweaked a little and will go out in a future patch.
  21. Changed Status to Closed
  22. Changed Status to Fixed This has been fixed and will go out in a future hotfix. Thanks for the reports!
  23. Shine Bug Wrangling

    Hi, could you post the log file right after a crash please? The details on where to find it are listed here. Thanks!
  24. Calories NaN and other items NaN.

    @Shusa313 the save sounds useful, you can find out where your saves are here. Thanks!