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Am I the only one who'd love to see more critters in the game?

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4 hours ago, Tapirus said:

I was not talking about remove pets, I thought in remove the "need of eat" on pets, to be exact. Example: Woby don't need eat (you only "feed" that mob to get her bigger temporarily).

oh.well in that case it would most probably do more good than bad considering the fact most people just complain about their whining 

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1 hour ago, stranger again said:


Well my long reply could be considered as Off-Topic on the thread so I’ll Spoiler: 


Did you play year of Carrat? There’s a hundred billion things Klei could do to make pets more interesting- YoTC stuff is just ONE Example.. Yes we have different pet “Skins” but what YoTC had was a system where feeding your Carrat seeds would change the colors of its tail feathers- this effectively translates well into being able to change the COLARS around our pets necks colors- So players can have pets that look the same with skins with one minor color difference to Mark Who’s pet is Who’s, this would work exceptionally well with Woby.. who is considered as a pet because Walter can’t Adopt any others.

Carrats had their own System of various Equipments that was used to upgrade their different stats used in racing. This translates well into Critter TOYS which we can craft for and play with our pets with, and maybe even increase their efficiency to do specific things they’re currently NOT designed to do. (Because they do nothing) For example.. being able to craft a Toy ball that moves about bouncing by itself (powered by electrical Doodad) Would train your Kittykit to be more efficient in pouncing small animals like birds, butterflies, rabbit- Basically all the small things Abigail can already kill.

Being able to craft a a reflective disco ball would train your kitty kit to chase after objects moving across the ground that they can’t catch (Shadow Hands)

All of these ideas come from the excellently made and well received by fans Carrat event.

Critters could be so much more then just an annoying immortal to dying thing that follows you around crying for food that you can completely ignore and it won’t matter.

Critters should need love, attention, food, and without those things they stop being the loyal companions they are meant to be they become less efficient, they Disobey you, they starve- ALL the things Carrat was able to do..

Personally I would like to be able to build something like Carrat Podium which would be a house structure for you to “Park” but not “Abandon” your pet at.. could be a Dog Bed, a Cat Scratching Post, a Chicken Cope.. you get the idea- Exactly what Carrat Podium did minus inspecting racing Stats. 

Basically the concept would be that the Critter you “Adopt” will come with its very own crafting tab of useful Items to engage with and use with said critter. 

As for me personally I’m not a fan of Woby the invincible.. she should’ve been more like CHOPS in GTA V story mode, chops could be left behind in his dog house, you could have him follow you, or he could take damage become injured and need time to respawn/heal. (Chester already dies and Respawns so it shouldn’t be too hard to do)

If Klei won’t let them die for whatever reason at least let them become knocked out and need reviving like Pokémon.. 

In the meantime- I want my Pet Carrat back.. he was the best pet the games ever had.

but the TL:DR of the Spoiler- Yes I would like to have more critters but ONLY after the ones already in the game are made just half-way as good as Carrat was.

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