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Ole farm plots

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10 minutes ago, thegreatJash said:

Yeah, literally just made a huge farm area with about 25 advanced plots, an with an ice box and some birdcages a couple of days ago. Are they completely removed?

i did one in my wurt world too, thats why I asked.

Also, this seems to require more attention from your part, and Im worried that since this is the main source of corckpot foods for Wurt, it will become very tedious to play as her

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On 11/27/2020 at 4:26 AM, ScottHansen said:

They will remain functional, but you will not be able to craft new ones. 

Oh thank goodness! I started building a ridiculously massive farming area for my new mega base world just a couple of days ago and everything is turning out great with my 50+ improved farms and decorations, and I was SO WORRIED everything will just disappear right after I've finished building it...

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