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QoL suggestion - load chat history when traveling to caves and back

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When I play on my dedicated server I can "cheat" this by looking at the chat logs once the migration ended. Sometimes a lot of important stuff would have been lost to me.

A simple solution would be that by pressing Y to type, the system would show the last 4 or 5 non-whisper chat lines that exist in the log, regardless if you were present when they were said or not. If not implemented, maybe it can be made into a mod?

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I was thinking yesterday, "Man, Klei's really done a good job on a lot of the new QOL updates". The unlimited server slots, disease turned off, caves enabled by default, shift-right click by default instead of being a mod... Like loads of really amazing (small, but incredibly useful) things. And was like, they're really on top of it.

Then I got to thinking, well, there's one thing that would actually be really nice too. Seeing what people type while transitioning to&from caves :o.

I did some testing, and for my setup, there's about a 20-30 second window where I can't see messages in game. If I'm transferring to the server where chat is happening, this can be mitigated (about 5-10s loss instead of 20-30) by reading the client chat log. If I'm traveling away from server where the messages are being sent (ie: I'm going to caves, when someone is talking above ground), it's pretty much a bust :p

I think this would be a great quality of life improvement.

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I've started working on a mod patch for this.

I don't expect it to fully work, but at least for the time being (until it hopefully gets patched in vanilla), it's something rather than nothing.

I also don't know how to keep you guys updated. Or what's the most appropriate method.

Currently, I'm just releasing to Steam, updating that forum thread. and posting on friends' discord servers.

Do you get a notification when a message gets updated? (rather than new replies being made)

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