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Question about Terra's starting biome and geysers

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Hello everyone !

Terra asteroid is avaliable on the alpha build and I would like to know if the biomes and geysers are generated as expected.

It seem to me that the starting biome (and structures pattern) is repeated or really widespread and the geysers/volcanos count is pretty low. Here is a generated world I got.




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15 minutes ago, crbd115 said:

was wondering are the maps smaller at all? it looks like in that picture they are but im not 100% sure, i kinda think they should be with the way this update works to reduce lag, and incentivize players to colonize.

That would be interesting from a hardware point of view, compared to the game before-the-dlc. It will help people who don`t want to mess with hardware to play with more decent fps on smaller maps ( especially mid-/ and endgame ).

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  • Developer

We had a last minute issue in disabling this from appearing on the cluster select screen. This is just the unchanged Terra Asteroid except with random geysers placement disabled (we are instead working on placing them throughout the cluster) and apparently some other worldgen oddities. Terra was not meant to be played in the alpha.

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