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  1. yes everyone has been asking for a long time but I thought that only applied to the neutronium based objects, I didn't think the copper based ones weren't destroyable too. I had been playing with mods for a long time before this so I cant remember but don't feel like uninstalling the dlc just to test it.
  2. Was AETN always made of iron and destructible or is this new to the dlc? Also if that is the case why then is the security door made of copper but not destructible?
  3. yea i saw, though i wish it consumed something other then metal but it shouldnt matter if i only have two being fed at a time
  4. yea i was thinking the 1.6kw, but i forgot about the petroleum generator being a thing as well. Yea with the math of their uptime its not a ton, but when i think about how drecko ranches go these days i can see having a ranch with just a few that are fed while the eggs are hatched in a starving room with all of them just powering everything. Idk to me that seems a little too good, but i guess i have to get to the point of setting it up to see for sure.
  5. Haven't tried those yet but yeah I've never been much of a fan of throwing metal away.
  6. well then that seems like a lot of energy considering most generators don't give off that much power. Thanks for the info!
  7. So this is just a few things that I've noticed after a few hours of play, I haven't run into any real bugs yet other then the sugar generator doesn't appear in the power tab, but I assume that's just because it hasn't actually been added yet. Plug slugs power output seems sort of op at 400w per bug at night. Especially since I get that power while starving them. I have 3 in my base right now (and two just outside) and I can't seem to burn through power fast enough. I feel like this should be set up so that maybe its 200w when hungry and 400w when fed, or similar set up but for wild and tame. Though to be fair my first instinct is not to feed them since they consume the only metal I have access to right now. I assume there will be a way to have a renewable food source for them eventually but right now it doesn't seem worthwhile to feed them While I am very happy at having new traits, I feel like the ones that give specific skills are awkward. They are great when you get an interest that lines up but otherwise they feel kind of weird. I feel like this could be simplified by simply having a trait that the duplicant starts with an extra skill point instead of having a trait for each skill possible. Also just a thought, a mod that I was playing with in the live version expanded the number of slots for the printing pod for selecting an object to print. The mod also added a lot of traits so the increased choices helped with the added rng which I feel might be helpful here. So far I love everything though and am excited to explore it more. Thank you for giving me a chance to try it. Edit: so someone mentioned its 400w when wild and 1600w when tamed, so ignore the section i crossed out. I feel like this is a lot though but i suppose I will know more about my power needs the further in i go. Maybe my 5 bugs giving me 1.6kw/s each at night will be something I have to have since there's no coal.
  8. was wondering are the maps smaller at all? it looks like in that picture they are but im not 100% sure, i kinda think they should be with the way this update works to reduce lag, and incentivize players to colonize.
  9. this is my assumption for a timeline, end of this week or beginning of next week finish current update testing, shortly after give new roadmap or reveal plans for dlc, start testing dlc beginning of December, hopefully be finished with testing by the 31st.
  10. I mean yea because their doing the preview branch, the only time your likely to get some more info is when the preview branch finishes, thats when they posted the last roadmap
  11. honestly i dont think this is an issue i think for the most part big colonies just end up being a lot of wasted space which creates lag, thats one thing i like about the islands mod, since there is so much vacuum space it lowers the lag ive had in the late game
  12. Personally i think they're just going to end up shrinking colonies so that you have mutliple medium sized bases each having different biomes rather then one big base with almost all the biomes
  13. honestly im kinda worried that when they say "we will get it in your hands this year..." means we will have the early access out by dec 31
  14. really wish they could at least give us a monthly update on how things are going so im not checking the forums like 2-4 times a day, like "Hey its September! So glad this road map we gave you in July was so juicy... be a shame if we continued radio silence..."