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  1. @MachineryMan Ok you keep saying I'm missing the point when I answer you, but since you disagree with those counter points and you just say I'm missing the point. You also keep bringing in other problems with other systems but I'm not making this post to fix those. Yes they are issues but I have found if I make a post trying to suggest one fix but then include every other system and how to fix them no one wants to discuss or they don't read the whole post because it will end up being an essay rather then a suggestion. Yes starving farms are an issue, but I think the devs will fix that soon. Honestly I will probably make a different post talking about a potential suggestion to fix that system if they don't do something in the near future. Yes decor and clothing both need reworks (or at least more content) but I'm not here to fix those either. My suggestion is purely based on how to put reed fiber or dreckos back in the early game without pushing atmo suits to the early game as best I can. This allows the devs to utlilize reed fiber as a resource for other things if they want without having it be gated entirely by controlling atmo suits. As an add on to the recipe if it needs to be harder you could replace the refined metal with a small amount of steel or even add it to the recipe.
  2. And its literally said that we change the recipe so early fiber doesn't matter. People have asked in the past and some people prefer to use paintings to reduce the amount of floor space that would otherwise be used by statues if you don't have reed fiber. And you keep saying change the recipe on clothes but there is no reason to. Clothes are made from cotton or other fibrous material. For the same reason not everyone does drecko farming on every playthrough. There are two valid choices, yes drecko starving is obviously better but it is mostly considered taking advantage of unintended game design so not everyone does it. I have done both and I do understand the ridiculousness of having that much plastic after you get it up and running for a while, but for the most part it takes a fair amount of time and micromanaging to set up compared to rushing oil. Also you criticize rushing oil as if there's not a method to do so without suits, I do it quite often on the dlc playthroughs. simply just removing the abysallite barrier then dumping any extra liquids I have on top of the oil and it cools the direct area I plan to access fairly quickly. I don't care about the heat leakage because I don't grow any food on the second asteroid. I just ship it in same with the oxygen which is usually fairly cold because the main water sources are cold on the first asteroid. I'm not talking about making the game easier just changing the basic strategy. I have played about 1,400 hours of oni I'm not interested in making it easy. I simply am suggesting a this because A: The caustic biome feels like just a placeholder with no critters in it. B: Having reed fiber be available earlier opens up the clothing option for cool vests if you want to try to go into oil without the suits yet and if suits are made with plastic you would probably want cool vests to to do that. C: I would personally like them to add on to the current clothing system similar to how some of the mods do it or even if they do it their own way and having reed fiber earlier allows it to be used. D: This dlc is comepletly reworking how everything is used I'm sure there will be other uses for reed fiber in the future besides the current list of clothes, carpet, suits, and paitings I'm not fragile. I've been trying to have a discussion, meanwhile you prove you can't go one post without insulting others you disagree with. Which is why the Devs are getting involved apparently.
  3. Where did I say I was trying to bring atmo suits to the early game? I was trying to give a compromise to the people who want to use reed fiber, without having atmo suits in the early game. That was the whole point. I don't get why your creating an entire essay paper off one suggestion and your also seeming entirely hostile with your random assumptions. The drecko starvation farming is an entirely different issue but to get to that point takes more then long enough that the player should have explored other asteroids already to get to the point your talking about. Honestly I think starvation farming is probably on the devs radar as something they are working on since they very quickly made sure to nerf plug slug starvation farms.
  4. So I know people have complained quite a bit in the past about reed fiber not being available earlier in the game not just for suits. I get that its to delay suits to force the player to deal with environmental hazards rather then bulldoze through them which I definitely agree with. I think the method of gating suits is the issue. I personally think we should have access to reed fiber in the swamp start but then make suits from a combination of reed fiber, refined metal, glass, and plastic as a way to gate suit production until the mid game. This would allow players to make things like paintings or basic clothing without letting them run straight to suits. This would also allow devs to put reed fiber in the swamp and drekos in the caustic biome. This does give the player the option of ranching dreckos and try to convert them to glossy dreckos to get suits but I feel that this is fine for a couple of reasons. You don't have access to meal wood without going to the second asteroid anyway so the only way you will get glossy drecko's really early is through a large amount of luck which is unreliable anyway. It also takes a fair amount of time to get this ranch ready so by then your options will be either trying to rush the dangerous heat of the oil or taking the time to ranch dreckos which seems like a fair trade to me.
  5. Totally agree it should be powered, but tbh its kinda hard to balance what would be realistic vs what is feasible for the player. I used a mod at one point that required the pod to receive 120w of power to build up enough charge to be able to print and that felt pretty fair to me. Personally I think it would be interesting if we had to feed it materials, Like the only way it could get care packages is if it had been fed that material previously. Not like you had to continuously feed it but you feed it so it can break them down and be able to print things made out of that material in the future. lol maybe to print dupes you need water, dirt, a little metal, some basic variety of minerals, and some oxygen, in addition to what ever it takes to power the pod or recharge it.
  6. Yea I have been trying for a while to get something to change for duplicant selection. It's an unnecessary headache the way its designed now. It will only get worse the more things they add to the game, more care packages, more duplicant skills / traits. I want more content but you have to also be able to still filter through what is useful and what isn't and that gets harder the more stuff they add while not fixing the selection process.
  7. tbh real life slugs eat just about anything, and so I feel like plug slugs should be a tiny bit more omnivorous then our current metal ore version, yes I get electricity and metal kinda go together but idk feels too narrow to me
  8. I liked the idea someone had of having it consume ice, so it would make some sense where the hydrogen is coming from and we don't have anything like that yet
  9. maybe the trailblazer module could have this as an added feature
  10. Yea probably how it should work but then you create other problems lol "oh no I spent all my fuel to change direction and now im just stuck going in a straight line till I crash", or "whoops guess were crashing into the planet because we didn't save enough fuel to land properly", the current system is a simplification and maybe they will change it in the future but not sure the realism method would be all that different
  11. I do think that a % speed penalty would work better then the current system as late game a flat modifier is barely noticeable since many dupes can have +20 athletics.
  12. my game keeps crashing on the most recent version, it acts as if there is a mod conflict but i have no mods installed or subscribed to anymore. It just shows this screen but it wont let me click any of the buttons so I have to alt + f4 to get out.
  13. Yea I've been asking about this for a while, unfortunately there are many out there who believe if the devs haven't done it by now they want it to be the way it is, and not that they just have other priorities.
  14. Honestly they just need to set up beds and mess tables similar to toilets, dupes can be assigned one but will default to whatever is open and closest. This would simplify things a lot. Not only for different asteroids and rockets but also allows you to use your space better in your base too.
  15. Don't overthink it, you don't need suits, and you don't need a layer of glass above. Easiest way is to just force it, dupes can hold their breath long enough.