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  1. Yeah I'm actually using pcpartpicker right now. I plan to do some streaming with this new set up so ill probably go for the ryzen 3700x then since it sounds like I probably wont need the ryzen 3900x. Thanks for the help.
  2. So your saying that even the 3700x would be excessive?
  3. I'm working on getting a new desktop soon and had some questions towards some of the people on here who already have good setups. I assume one of the main pieces of hardware that affects stability in this game is your processor and I'm debating between getting a ryzen 7 3700x or if I should spring for a ryzen 9 3900x (the ryzen 7 has 8 cores vs the ryzen 9 having 12). I guess the main question is how late in the game are people with higher end set ups having issues vs their processing power and is there any other hard ware that I'm not thinking of that would help with stability? I'm going to be getting a decent set up for all the games I play but I want to make sure I can play oni to the later parts of the game. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I'm definitely seeing better fps at cycle 400
  5. So I have 2 hydrogen vents on my map and was going to try to set up a way to use some of the heat but that led me to my first question. Is it even worth trying to utilize the heat if it produces such little mass? I know it was sort of buffed recently I'm just wondering if its even worth putting a steam vent set up over it to cool it / generate a little power. If yes then my second question is towards the automation I was trying to set up for it. I was going to set up a thermo sensor with a 3 door airlock so that when it gets too hot the 3 doors close and then the middle one opens afterward which creates a vacuum to keep any of the heat back until the steam generator had cooled it. I thought I had gotten this to work a long time ago but now I can't seem to get it to work. Not sure if something changed recently for how automation works or if I'm just forgetting something but I'm stuck.
  6. yes everyone has said about what gens you can use and i know and have said this, i dont think i thought about turning it back but i doubt it was in the last 10 cycles so im just installing the mod that enables achievements and moving on from there, I would disable debug but its an important tool when testing out new builds on test worlds so you dont waste time building, then tearing down and rebuilding.
  7. Yeah I think there's also a mod that edits it out I just never thought I would need it.
  8. Ok it just seemed odd that it says 240,000kJ on the main part but then 240.0 kJ in the lower description. I also never enabled or toggled sandbox and i got most of the rest of the achievements just fine then all of the sudden it was disabled out of nowhere. I do have the debug file in the local files but that was for other testing designs on other worlds.
  9. I'm not just waiting as you can see by the screen shot of the timelapse, the point is as to whether or not it is a typo or a bug and whether there is a bug about the achievements being locked at random. The point was seeing if anyone else has had this problem or if the devs happen to notice. (though I doubt they would respond).
  10. Has literally nothing to do with what I asked but ok.
  11. So I have two problems and I'm not sure if either would be considered a bug but figured I would ask first. Trying to do a run where I get all of the achievements in one run. The main problem I have is with "Super Sustainable". In it it says you have to produce 240,000 kj off of manual generators only, but if you click on it to look at the details it says 240.0 Kj. Which is it supposed to be? I have gotten to cycle 234 with 17 duplicants and I just got to halfway which seems ridiculous. Also my second problem is that for some reason in the last day or so when I was playing the game decided I used a debug command somehow and I have no idea how since I haven't used debug at all. So now this 234 cycles are wasted basically and I have to start over again which is extremely frustrating. I've put 843 hours into this game and this pissed me off to the point I was almost ready to quit. Like it was at first hard but fun trying to get locavore, carnivore and super sustainable together since they all restrict what I can do for a while and force me to play in a different way but then at cycle 50 i finished locavore and 79 i finished carnivore and I'm stuck with 34 manual generators in my base to power everything for another 234 cycles to just get to halfway. Then have it thrown out because of either a bug or something is just ridiculous.
  12. Yea it's hard to say. I doubt it will generate much power but hopefully it would keep the generators from overheating entirely. Having cool water/polluted water was nice but ultimately not that big a deal since most things that need polluted water for growing don't care about the temp that much.
  13. So with the new version I started a new colony on Rime but in my old power plant I set it up so that all of my generators were made with steel and had a cooling set up with a steam generator and aquatuner to make sure that the output water from my petroleum generators and natural gas generators would be cold but with the launch update the petroleum generator was changed to have a minimum temp output. So the question is, is it better to cool the petroleum generators to the minimum output temp only or is it better to let them run hot and use a steam gen to get a little power and maintain the heat? Alternatively I could cool the nat gas generators and keep the petroleum generators separate and hot/warm?
  14. can you maybe slow down time lapses just a smidge? They look great though glad they're finally working
  15. [Game Update] - 357226

    Have you guys thought about adding a liquid chlorine geyser to the game and putting one in the rust biome?