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  1. On that note I just started playing rimworld again for the first time in 4 years after all this shenanigans to see how the two games compare now. I was surprised to see that in the betas option they have all the previous updates as options. Idk why klei doesnt do this. Mostly just so that people can keep the version they started their base on at least if they want to. Unless a bug or some other road block forces them to update at least they would have the option.
  2. @Ipsquiggle Also with this testing branch I'm consistently getting a crash when switching a small command capsule to a large one using the swap rocket module button. I have no mods installed.
  3. seems weird that the ice planets lux is so low compared to the other outer planetoids
  4. I said they mostly only respond to bug reports. So you would likely get feedback from bug reports over just asking for things in suggestions.
  5. It would, but at the same time there is so much for them to sift through, and so many repeated topics, that it doesn't make sense for them to do so in most cases.
  6. They almost never respond to messages on here if it doesn't have to do with bugs.
  7. Didn’t say anything remotely close to that so not sure why you are saying i did.
  8. Why would they get a positive trait? The positive for meat ranching is that it is more food, and better morale boost then something like meal lice. If your referring to having a second trait for meat eaters like carnivore for example, I don't think that would be a positive trait for the same reason that vegan shouldn't be, things that force the player to limit dupe behavior is usually a negative trait.
  9. A vegan diet doesn't make you weaker, you can get the same amount of proteins from a vegan diet as a meat diet. It also doesn't make you faster. Most balanced way I can see to do this is Duplicant gains less morale from meat foods, Duplicant gains stress from eating meat foods, Duplicant gains morale bonus from non meat foods (Inlucing eggs and if they ever add milk and cheese to the game)
  10. I prefer a increased stress debuff when eating meat but same difference
  11. I have honestly never tried this but I don't believe so? They are stored as just single points of interest which leads me to believe they just look for another on a different planetoid to connect to. Like they don't have different versions for different planetoids just to differentiate between them so I would assume moving them doesn't matter.
  12. Nope. Its just on the surface. Slimelung really isnt an issue when its on solids as long as those solids wont become gases. Though from a first observation standpoint I agree you would assume that you want a decontamination shower. Klei designed it with the idea of radiation but decontamination showers are used in most labs with germs or chemicals so I don't get why they pushed it to later in the game since it is useful for early game germs. I would like it if it could just be built out of any refined metal rather then just lead.