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  1. so shine bugs kill germs, wonder how efficient this is
  2. ok this update really blew me away! excited to see the final product when it's done. The new cluster set up really has my hopes up now!
  3. At least this makes the cryotank a bit more worthwhile, I usually avoid it but this seems more reasonable.
  4. They could and might. Personally I would like if they did a set of new ones for spaced out that were more space focused and leave the classic variants to classic mode. It also seems kind of redundant to redo all the previous world types into both classic and spaced out as well. Either way is fine but after having already played all the original world types before the dlc I want new world types to mess around with.
  5. @Ipsquiggle Also with this testing branch I'm consistently getting a crash when switching a small command capsule to a large one using the swap rocket module button. I have no mods installed.
  6. seems weird that the ice planets lux is so low compared to the other outer planetoids
  7. I watched for 20 cycles, its appears constant and random They added the regolith moon with meteor showers that can happen from day one. That seems to be the majority of its purpose.
  8. now we just need the space scanner back to automate bunker doors
  9. Not a fan of the needing 5 printing pods set up. I don't use the portable printers because I've never agreed with the idea that we can suddenly build them despite never being able to interact with it in the past. But since it wasn't needed I just didn't use it. Now it has to be done in order to use this. I think it would make more sense if each planetoid had a poi with a deactivated pod in it that we could activate.
  10. On the one hand I like seeing the fast paced changes but yea I'm also not playing the game seriously right now. I test stuff in debug or make a quick colony with a specific plan in mind with no real intention of taking them to late game. I do think that there has been too many small changes that end up needing a world change. World changing tweaks should be made in larger patches and smaller changes should be made in-between.
  11. Yes exactly this, this is why I keep asking for a smarter rng for duplicant generation. Like the amount of traits in the game now has just bloated things to 90% useless 5% good and 5% bad. The worst part about it is the more you start over like say if a new update comes out or trying a different strategy the more grating it gets on you. I've literally gotten to the point where I just can't stand duplicant generation the way it is. Either I have to wait for reasonable dupes, grab a ton of really bad dupes and then have a bunch of idle dupes when the main projects are done and struggle to keep them all working, or use mods to speed things up and cut out the fat. With how many times they add new generation to the game forcing people who want to play the new content to restart and then having multiple worlds to try after you finish, you would think the first thing they would try to streamline is duplicant generation. Mainly because the more you do it the more and more frustrating it gets.
  12. But that's just it as a core system its inherent that it will be expanded for each expansion because it is a core system to the game. This dlc added a new germ type, and a new cure and I expect it to be something to be expanded on continually but I do not want a dlc devoted specifically to it. They can easily fix it in one or two updates if they decide to focus on it. Not something to the scale of a dlc which usually is big enough to warrant a year or so of development time.