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[Mod Release] Rail Cart!

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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share with you the newest mod that my friend Catherine and me had developed
Its name is "Rail Cart"
With this mod you can place railway tracks all over the map and move over them at high speed with a rail cart.

There are 5 types of railway tracks:
Default: Does nothing in special
Floater: Can be placed over water
Booster: Increase your speed on the track
Damper: Reduce your speed
Reverser: Change the moving direction

I did the programming and Catherid did the drawings

I really want to tell you that I'm very happy that @zarklord_klei commented on the Workshop page that our mod looks very cool! This motivates me to improve my modding skills and producing more mods!
So thaaanks!

Here the Steam Workshop link:

And here the youtube video: (well, I'm practicing my English, I hope it is ok)


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