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Funk Pop Items

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I recently bought the Wislon funko pop so I could get the Tesla Coil lantern item for the PS4. When I got it I redeemed it and went on my playstation to check it out. After seeing that it could be unraveled I wondered if I could just weave the other funko items. I hovered over one of the other items and saw the triangle button, which is the same as weave and unravel, so I thought it was to weave. I clicked it and confirmed and before I could know what happened I had unraveled the skin I had just paid for. I understand I should have paid more attention to what I was unraveling, but even allowing us to unravel these skins is kind of odd. If there is anyone that can help me out in this situation I would greatly appreciate it and thank you in advance. I really hope my money didn't just go down the drain. If anyone needs confirmation that I even have the toy I can send it. 

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Just send a Klei Dev your Klei ID- they can look into your entire transaction history to see what items you have, and in this case- may be willing to reverse your recent transactions. I am sorry this happened to you. By the way you can find your entire Transactions history here: 


(just click the close button and ignore the pop up for the spool thing if you’ve already done that part, your transactions will appear afterwards) 

Here are mine as an example: 328DF206-5630-44DD-880D-D854052CF5C0.thumb.png.57ae1af4582bf5ee8bccfdffaa28bb9b.png

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7 hours ago, Dunk Mujunk said:

So I'm attempting to enter the gift codes in on the rewards page, and apparently the code is invalid. Not sure what to do about it.

I had a little difficulty when I tried to enter the code the first time, what I can say is that all the letters must be capitalized and the "-" has to be added manually.

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