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  1. I am down to take down any boss or quest you'd like to do! Hit me up!
  2. Dude, SICK! I finally get to redeem my Webrolly code! I have been saving it for nearly 3 years now... lol
  3. 1st Misery attempt... 2nd Misery attempt...
  4. Hi Everyone! We're about to start here! Please check us out on my Twitch channel, if interested. NOTE: I apologize in advance if you here my 10 month old screaming his head off in the background. Halloween was eventful this year! See you in the Constant!
  5. I had literally logged into DST for the better part of last year for the daily item, saving items up for the Hallowed Nights event to ATTEMPT to obtain HN only stuff through the Trade In. Then, Klei decides to make literally EVERYTHING HN related available for purchase... lol. Such is life!
  6. Sounds good. We'll see how things go. I have beaten a number of the bosses in DST, but not many in the caves. We could all do a pre-battle game plan to make sure it goes smoothly/ You should be good to join, SWK! I think we still have 1 extra spot open. Send a friend request to NSA and myself on PSN (NSA_iswatchingus ; thePHROGsoul) and we'll add you to the party. Again, we're shooting for 8:30 CT (9:30 EST) on Sat, Oct 31st. I think Walter should be fine; we have nearly a max party for this. This brings up another thing we all could discuss: which characters we should play as for the raid. Obviously, Wolfgang is solid choice here. For me, I main the DLC characters mostly (Wortox, Wurmwood, and Wurt), so whoever is best for this (most likely Wortox), I can do that. Though, if it doesn't matter much, my main gal Wurt might tempt me
  7. No problem; I know how that is too! You also have them all worked up from the excitement of trick-o-treating AND eating candy. Take your time, please
  8. I'm going to probably stream it from my end too. It's been a while, but I'd love to have it as a keepsake.
  9. Great! I'm getting really excited for this! How about we shoot for 8:00-11:00PM CT (9:00 EST) this Sat, Halloween night? So far, we have the following who are interested: thePHROGsoul NSAiswatchingus Wumpus the 19th Oldfart BeeClops If you're all good for that time, we just need 1 more player to join our quest. If we can't find a 6th, we'll just go without. Sound good? I think I friended most of you on PSN already. Send me a friend request if I don't already have it! PSN ID: thePHROGsoul
  10. Thanks! I'm married too, so I will more than likely set up a time on the weekend as well. I don't necessarily have to kill Misery Toadstool in my own worlds, as that would require a ton of extra time starting from scratch. I'm more interested in killing him with a solid group communicating together. If you'd like to host the event in your game, by all means! I've seen your ongoing world on YT, so I'd be totally down for that. I am also willing to help with gathering the materials/items needed to do the fight right; let me know! In the meantime, let's see if we can get 4 players locked down for this. Thanks so much!
  11. I'm looking for a group to share in an adventure! I'm an experienced, but casual DST player looking for help from the community to take down this froggy beast. I don't have it in me to bring him down myself; his health is a ridiculous 99,999. OBVIOUSLY, lots of planning, preparation, and coordination are needed here. So, I thought to reach out and see who might be interested in joining my quest. I know he doesn't have the best drops of all time, but If figured I'd ask anyways. Would love it if we have at least 1 or 2 players who've done this boss before to assist those who haven't. Starting a discussion here if anyone is interested! We'll need to work out a time/place to prepare and kill this beefy boi. All the Best, thePHROGsoul
  12. YAAASSSS SOOO excited for this update! Halloween items are the best items all year!
  13. Just to clarify: when a Merm King is created (feeding the merm on the royal tapestry), this action will no longer fully restore our health/hunger/sanity, correct? Thanks!