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  1. [Game Update] - 166

    Just to clarify: when a Merm King is created (feeding the merm on the royal tapestry), this action will no longer fully restore our health/hunger/sanity, correct? Thanks!
  2. Feed SEEDS to the merm that sits down on the Royal Tapestry! It takes maybe between 5-10 seeds, but he'll eventually turn into the Merm King if you feed enough to him. While many other foods work with the merms, I recommend using seeds because: 1). The are a VERY common item that will appear anywhere you are, via birds, and 2). They'll (overall) save you from expending your food resources; no need to waste your precious foods here! Cheers!
  3. Thanks OutPlayed606 for helping with that god awful puzzle and keats95 for assisting us with base preparations and getting down to the ruins unscathed! Very much appreciated! If anyone else needs help, I'm sure we'd all love to!
  4. Anyone willing to help a frog out? I'd love to try attempting this puzzle for some cool items, but I've yet to reach the ruins by myself and I'd love someone who's competent to assist (and who's yet to complete it). Message me if interested! Thanks! PSN ID: thePHROGsoul
  5. I'd be down to work with someone on this puzzle, if they don't have anyone. Message me and we can work out a time to meet up! I'm researching this puzzle, as I write this...