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Weavable or steam market alternative idle animations to replace reworked character animations.

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I don't like wigfrid's idle and I will pay big dollars to have an alternative. I'll even pay $100 on a marketplace listing if this option were available.

I don't know how difficult this would be to implement into the game, but just to let the animators and devs know, I'm in the market for it.

Perhaps a cool idle could be added to other characters with situations idle animations such as woodie and willow with the two of them requiring a specific item to activate their idle replacing them with a itemless/non specific idle with something else.

If this were implemented, I'd expect certain idles to be toggled too. Because if Wigfrid had a badass idle available to be woven or purchased and I saw her bow, I would scream.

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I don't code. It's also an animation. I don't think I'm a bad artist, but I don't have the programs to create animations. It's an idea. We have emotes where you type in a / command. I don't know if you know about those. Try /happy and your character will smile and raise their fists in the air. You're welcome for the lesson.

But also, pay some spools, and you can get access to emotes such as /chicken which makes your character perform a chicken dance. I'll assume you didn't know about this either, so you're welcome for that info too.

So if even emote animations can be purchased in a sense, why not idles? Also, would be a good opportunity to give characters such as Willow and Woodie, Characters who will only use their idle animations with items they will comparatively rarely carry in lieu of items such as a walking sticks or lazy explorers, they would have something cool to have instead of what they have already when itemless.

So... @Well-met  despite my lack of passion towards wigfrid's idle, there's some good reasons to have weavable idles for characters who may be missing some when not carrying signature items. You also have wurt mains who wish she had something more than just a rub of the horns. Take it as you will. This isn't a bribe. It's dismissive that you would say that. What, so all the skinpacks I've bought are bribes too? Please.


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Your wording in some areas is a bit off but I do absolutely think some form of having slightly more customizable animations/idles would be wonderful.
I do agree, I'm greatly saddened by Woodie and Willow's item requirement for their anims and would enjoy an alternative at some point but I'm not gonna die without it.

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Well, it would be cool if wormwood got an additional idle too if a player decides to put gloves on wormwood. I put gloves on him too, thus, I would also miss out on his idle if I decide to play him. It's not just wigfrid who would benefit.

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