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I know it's not much of a problem since you can mute people, but it would be nice if maybe for a quality of life update,

you could add a chat filter, or use the new steam chat filter (though that would only work for pc players).

Muting works, although sometimes not everything they are saying is innapropriate. It would be nice just to filter words, not everything,

because sometimes they are saying useful things, like deerclops is coming, or base is here, etc. 

I don't know how many people really want this but, it would be nice personally.
Customization options would be cool too, to toggle certain words.

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The Steam guide thingy for adding it to your game doesn't look to complicated to me, although

im not a developer or modder or anything, but I just assumed its easy because its just a few lines of code and not a whole page of it, though it could be hard i wouldn't know.



Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 1.45.34 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 1.45.42 PM.png

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There are certain profanities i'd like kept and terms of endearment that sound really offensive to random people, so I'd prefer a player customized chat filter, but with that considered, I really would like chat filters to discourage riff raff on my server.

I don't want weirdos using their modern nonsense phrases in my worlds.

This is really good and i'll probably continue to bump this where I can.

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All I want is a “Mute All Button” found under options that when toggled on- Mutes all other players Mics Forever (or until I turn the Mute All Button off)

Why do I want this? I play this game in the same room while the rest of my family are trying to sleep within a few feet from Me.. I need to be able to HEAR the games sounds... like Dog barking, Deerclops breathing etc...

but what I DONT need to hear are the 5 other players on their headsets screaming into their microphones that Deerclops is coming or that they’re dying someone help. 

On Xbox (and probably PS4 too) Player chat is on by default and you have to scroll through the list and mute each one individually.

Which by the time I’ve done that it’s too late because the people screaming into their Mics have already woken up the family members that were trying to sleep. :( 

I would love it if this was addressed in a QoL update actually.. Otherwise- I have to mute my entire TV and play the game without sound at all when joining random servers.

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