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Hey Grifters,

We have a small but mighty changelist today - some more content for Smith's story! Lots more content to go before the big Nov 5th Update (the Smithening).


  • New Smith/Moreef quest: Three is a Party
  • snails have morale, so that they can be subdued
  • Added a behaviour for Brut (still needs balancing and tweaks)
  • Added a new Smith event where Smith meets Rug
  • Add missing shop dialog to steven
  • Added a new smith event
  • Oshnus can now negotiate!


  • Fix crash related to Amnesty unshielding a modifier that was already removed.lua

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So I had a campaign run with Smith in which I reached the end, went back to the bar, and was expecting to have a way to end the run, unlock a new prestige, etc. But instead I was softlocked in the bar, with nothing I could do there. Has that been fixed yet? I just launched the game again to check, but still no option to end the run. I wanted to know if it's because it hasn't been added yet, or because it won't appear on runs started before the fix, and I should just abandon that one.

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