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how to be a better warly player?

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This is my first post on the forums 

I have been playing the game for quite some time now and one of my favorite characters to play as is warly.
However i still have not the hang of him,i know the basics of what recipes warly should make early on and his recipes,and i know how to be effective on how i use the food i have.

but i dont know the definitive playstyle i should be as warly,should i try to gather many ingredients as possiable then return to base and make food for everyone one,maybe be more chill and just make food for everyone by just staying and get the items people give me to cook (i know staying in the base most of the time is not a helpful but is it something you could suggest?), or go a bolder route and try rushing bosses as warly that he can win for certainty?

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Welcome to the forums!

I'm not much of a Warly savvy but from what I've seen other good Warly players do, is to aim to have at least a few advanced farms, and harvest mostly onions and pepper. Onions are the basics of Bone Boullion, Moqueca and Grim Gallete, which are some of the really strong dishes of him. Peppers to make chili flakes and add the spicy effect to foods, which increases the damage. They also set up beeboxes at some point, to create honey crystals and add the "sweet" effect to foods, making anyone a better worker/gatherer. During spring they also make fish cordon bleu to be able to fight during heavy rains.

Later in the game they mostly start mass producing spicy-jellybeans , or bundling spicy volt-goat chaud-froid and glowberry mousse. 

As for playstyle, I suggest you find your own! try different approaches, like being the "base mom", "nomad explorer", "rusher", or just a mix of those, and you will soon find which one you feel more comfortable with. 
Warly players seem to fight and do everything the other players do, the main difference is that they work a lot harder during base time, harvesting and collecting ingredients (Having a wickerbottom and/or a Wormwood greatly helps his chores). They seem to heal using mostly healing salves/honey poultice early game, and then go straight for spiced jellybeans later in the game.

I think Warly's strenght lies in his late game, over the early game capability of being nomad, but that's my opinion.

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well, when you feel comfortable with recipes i certainly would recommend manning base and cooking whatever is brought to you(be sure to let people know you are willing, of course) but until then i would say it is best to just try on every hat and see what works best for your enjoyment ^^ being useful only works if you aren't bored to the point where you don't feel like playing anymore, yeah?


for sure though if you play on steam i could totally have you play on my current world ^^ it is beginner friendly and so has a small stocked kitchen at all times as well as many points of interest that are not too difficult for a solo-player to manage. you could see what suits you best without too much worry AND have someone to play with if you want to try cooperative play that isn't traditional ^^

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It really depends which roles exist on your current server- Warly is surprisingly very adept at different roles like base maintenance, hunting, foraging, seafaring and spelunking. Usually Wolfgang and Wigfrid players focus on intense hunting and you'll have lots of meat in base. Seasoned Webber players often bring lots of spider loot whereas Wendy signals loads of monster meat, honey and frog legs. Wickerbottoms often shovel and bring any berry bush they find and do horticulture on them, while Wormwood means there will be lots of crops and farming. Lunar rushing Woodie might bring stone fruits whereas captain Winona may have amassed a full tin bin of fish.

The point is, for yourself and your teammates, you'll ideally want a wide variety foods and resources. Try to make best use out of what others are bringing to the table and what can you do to capitalize or improve upon them. To use your abilities to the fullest, you'll want various meats, agriculture, berries, eggs and fishing going on. Manage people to bring what you need; you can ask a fellow Maxwel player to gather resources for a basic boat. If noone's bothered with farming, gather a source for poop and start farming. Birdcage helps immensely especially in winter so make sure you have one up. If Beehives have been destroyed, work on making beeboxes. Nobody's hunting or fishing, get at it. Woodie brought stacks of birchnut? Manage it as filler or for trail mixes. Wes brought butter from his glossomer's rush? Getting a lobster might help use it well. Prioritize your own survival first but often you'll end up with more ingredients than you want to make yourself your dishes. Especially Garlics, Onions, Peppers, and Dragonfruit are important farmables for you, youj might want to manage their accumulation yoursrlf for the spices. You can also locate a salt area for some sslty salt.

For boss battles and other fights, healing items like healing salve and honey poultice often do a better job at healing you than foods due to diminishing returns. As such, an effectice way to support your team is to make these for yourself and in the mean time constantly boost your fellow survivors' hunger and health dishes with honey crystals to increase their effecticeness. And then for the times of fighting, you can prepate a well rounded solid dish like bacın and eggs for everyone and spice it with some garlic/peppers.

As such, to be an effective Warly, your best option is to observe what resources that you can make wonders with aren't being gathered at the moment and jump into action accordingly by attempting to collect them.

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As Warly a lot of your role and playstyle may revolve around cooking. In my own personal opinion, anyone should be able to cook for themselves and I don't see Warly as the "team cook" as much as I see him as the "team support". You can make spices and dishes that no one else in the game can, and I personally like to capitalize on that foremost. Your portable crock pots cook 25% faster than a normal one and has the benefit of being taken anywhere, so you may often find yourself accompanying another player in a few-days long journey every now and again (you yourself could mean the difference between your allies going back to base to cook food or staying a little longer). I personally love to create many Bee Boxes to harvest honey for honey crystals; an amazing item that can be given away to characters like Woodie or Maxwell for mass production. It would also not hurt to have a set of farms for, well really any, crop you desire (there are a multitude of crops you can use for his amazing dishes) but I personally make pepper farms in a team-based setting for pepper spice as it helps to make fights easier; otherwise I usually grow toma roots, onions, or corn for personal use. Above all else do what you think is best, especially since there is no "right way"  to play Warly; and have fun.

Here's some tips I wrote down a long time ago about Warly that I hope will help you in your journey, and I will also include his recipes in a seperate spoiler beneath:



- Use Powdercakes for portable "already spiced dishes" whenever you need to work or fight
- Carry silk with you for fishing rods, boomerangs, and especially Top Hats (good for sanity restoration)
- Bundle Wrap some special recipes like Fish Cordon Blue or Glow Berry Mousse for when needed
- Keep a boomerang on you for some morsels whenever you need some
- Garlic spice adds 33% dmg reduction, which reduces damage (IE: Log Suit=80% dmg reduction, garlic
takes 33% from the 20% the armor doesn't block)
- Garlic Spice can also reduce damage from any type, being "Internal Armor" (IE: Freeze, Fire, Hunger,
and Poisonous food damage from things like red caps and taffy)
- It helps to place Rabbit Hutches near Merm Houses for frog legs, meat, and fish every so often
- Tents and Siesta Lean-to's are extremely helpful in restoring health and sanity in your off time
- Be sure to use twigs in recipes every time you are reliably able to
- It also helps to carry a golden shovel on you to dig up planted pinecones for twigs at a 1:1 ratio
- The Extra Adorable Lavae is an amazing portable cooking station, but I recommend bundling it to save for later

Warly-Exclusive Recipes


Health=3, Hunger=25, Sanity=10 / Recipe= 2x Asparagus, 2x Ice. "Cools you down for 5 minutes".
-Fresh Fruit Crepes:
Health=60, Hunger=150, Sanity=15 / Recipe= 1.5x Fruit, 1x Butter, 1x Honey
-Glow Berry Mousse:
 Health=3, Hunger=37.5, Sanity=10 / Recipe= 1x Glowberry (any type), 1x Fruit (no meat/twigs). "Glow for 2 days".
-Grim Galette:
 Health=1, Hunger=37.5, Sanity=10 / Recipe= 1x Onion, 1x Potato, 2x Nightmare Fuel. "Swaps Sanity and Health".
-Fish Cordon Bleu:
 Health=20, Hunger=37.5, Sanity=-10 / Recipe= 2x Fish, 2x Frog Legs. "Immunity to wetness for 5 minutes".
-Bone Bouillon:
 Health=32, Hunger=150, Sanity=5 / Recipe= 2x Bone Shards, 1x Onion (no twigs).
 Health=60, Hunger=112.5, Sanity=33 / Recipe= 1x Fish, 1x Toma Root, 1x Onion (no twigs).
-Hot Dragon Chili Salad:
 Health=-3, Hunger=25, Sanity=10 / Recipe= 1x Dragonfruit, 1x Pepper (no meat/twigs). "Heats you up for 5 minutes".
-Puffed Potato Soufflé:
 Health=20, Hunger=37.5, Sanity=15 / Recipe= 2x Potato, 1x Egg (no meat/twigs).
-Volt Goat Chaud-Froid:
 Health=3, Hunger=37.5, Sanity=10 / Recipe= 1x Volt Goat horn, 2x Honey (no meat). "Adds electric damage to player attacks for 5 min".
-Monster Tartare:
 Health=-20, Hunger=62.5, Sanity=-20 / Recipe= 2x Monster Meat (no twigs. 3x monster meat is ok)


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I'm usually playing like a nomad that sometimes returns to base just to replant spice crops and give others usefull things I found (or cook) on my travels (Glowberry Mousse is easy and very popular). I think nomad style fits Warly good, you need variety of food and can cook them in portable cookpot everywhere. Siting in base, caring for different crops do the same,  but it isnt such fun. I've got few tips too if you want:

1) You can store specific seeds in tacle box. That way you can keep many in one inventory slot

2) kill goats often. You need horns for jelly and meat is always good. They also nerfed their  kiting pattern from krampi to werepig (i think) so .. great

3) hoard lureplants. I think everybody still does it. Leafy meat jelly is still best and reliable sanity source

Goodbai and goodluck! 

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I agree with what Owlrus98 said, everyone should be able to cook for themselves. You wont always be at base and people should know basic recipes or else how will they learn to play a crucial aspect of the game if they have someone doing it for them all the time? Another thing with Warly, at least how I play him, is dont expect to be munching on your special recipes every day, you will run out of mats super fast plus its not necessary... Leave special foods for special occasions. You can make a Volt Goat Farm to easily get those volt goat jelly ready for Giants/Bosses, also having the weather nullifying foods ready for bosses makes them easier.

Something you might find useful early game is having a tent to sleep in and recover health or sanity after long fights, as variety of healing foods might be scarce and eating the same dish repeatedly will have diminishing return.

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Always try to get veggies and fruits. Make advanced farms as much as you can and also mushroom planters. (i suggest you to grow blue and green mushrooms only. Its not only for you to use them in your dishes its because others can eat em raw so they can get sanity from greens or health from blue ones.) If you can make advanced farms and mushroom planters early it will be much better for you. Make 3 or 4 fridges so you can put veggies, fruits, fruit and vegetable seeds and foods in different fridges so it will be much easier for you to find what you are looking. You dont need to rush for them if you cant find gears at once but i suggest you to have 2 fridges at the beggining at least if you can. Always try to get onion, dragon fruit, pepper and garlic in early game. In my experience these 4 is the most valuable veggies for Warly's specific foods especially onion. Plan what you gonna do in every season. I always make bird cage as quick as possible so i can get more seeds for fruits and veggies. Make a butterfly farm near at your base so u can get butter much easier and quicker for the dishes. Always keep in your mind all the characters stronger side and downsides. For example if i have wormwood in my team and if he needs health. I always keep few grim galatte's in the fridge so he can swap his sanity and health then he can cook and eat green caps from mushroom planters that i made so he can get his sanity back immediately. This is just one example. All im trying to say is always try to find a solition for every problem and keep in your mind which character needs what and what is their strong side and down side. Let me give you one more example. I always try to have some garlic or salt seasoning in my pocket when i have maxwell in my team its because we all know he has only 75 hp and needs some more extra protection than the other characters. I Season his foods with garlic powder and with salt so he will be able to get more health from foods and he will also take less damage for 5 minutes from anything thanks to garlic powder. Of course you cant do all of these thing in one run it will take some time to make them all but like i said. If you plan everything in early game and start to craft what you need as quick as possible when you can. You will see you are going to be able to help the others little bit more and you will also get better at planning. When playing Warly, planning and problem solving skills is the key for me in my experiences. If you need more help or questions about warly and how to be better at him you can always message me or ask me from here i ll be happy to help you as much as i can. :D

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One of the best things you can do to improve your skill at playing Warly - recipes. I recommend you download "Craft Pot" mod for cooking, because its shows food value, and things you can't use in dishes. For example - Meaty Stew require 3 meat points - thats 2 full meats, 1 monster meat and filler or 1 meat, 1 monster meat and 2 morsels. A lot of math like that. Or you can use tallbird egg and 2 monster meat with a stick to cook bacon and eggs, because tallbird egg counts as 4 egs at once, and adding stick blocks monster lasagna, so you can put 2 monster meats and use normal meat for another dishes. A lot of people dont know about cooking tweaks like that, and this mod is really something special for me. And also its will be useful because its shows all dishes if you scroll cooking tab, so you can collect specific ingridients, and dont go to wiki every second

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