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  1. When entering the caves as a client this message may appear when you enter as the same time as host and it has not load it for the host Happens even with the server not having a password to enter
  2. Oh ok its just some files you use to get a complete cookbook
  3. seems suspicios,can someone with a bad pc check if this is trojan or not?
  4. this does put a smile on my face Because this IS a messagem from lord nergal he DOES await you on the Dread isle
  5. Can someone make a bat farm desing that is efficient? i would like a extra "make with ease meat farm"
  6. mark my words as it is a rework that complety changes the way you play as wigfrid this can either age VERY poorly or age like fine wine
  7. Bat Bat is gonna be new meta because some random genius guy on the forums gonna find a cheese method to use it on some boss well more than before because now bat bat are going to be plentyful
  8. Every now and then i check this post to see if theres any new free spools to me to get and everytime i did i get some nice 450 spools