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  1. Well. the only reason i knew those healing items even existed was because of a video i watched like 10 months ago Also those 2 that you talked about can be somewhat hard for a new player to get Honey poultice requires a bee farm and some silk,which most new players die to spiders imediately very frequently because they dint know that they can be stunlocked easilly or just do the small brain play of hitting the nest when is level 2 and get destroyed by a warrior spider cant blame them i did the same
  2. I like playing as wolfgang,especially since i got a free head skin while i was playing
  3. Also could someone explain to me why adding another character to the game would be another risk for klei to made?
  4. well it generally when the drops resets which would mean it could be on the 17 or the 24,since most of the times is very late into the month it can be the 24 i can be completly wrong tho
  5. Hey i have been playing dont starve together for quite some time and one of my favorites aspects of it is how i make my base however i am having issues making a good base desing for oasis bases,since they are generally considered the best biome to base in generally or in summer if the caves arent a thing (either they disabled it or their pc cant physically run it) I want some of your ideias of how to make bases in oasis since most of the time we dont have a proper layout for our base,it becomes a mess
  6. i would like a webber rework,he is literally my least played character but a good marge,like the only time i really did play as webber it was when i thought it would be fun to play as with my friend but then he also decided to pick webber and since i am that type of person who doenst like the same 2 characters in a server i just told my friend to reroll me (but i do like those servers where everyone picks the same character) the big problem i have with webber is that yes he has a role to take part in,but youre kinda stucked in one single gimmick of just playing a character who can ally with spiders & other shinanigans related to it and kinda it i think klei should rework webber into a character who has some solo capabilities but give him some more team player abilities
  7. When entering the caves as a client this message may appear when you enter as the same time as host and it has not load it for the host Happens even with the server not having a password to enter
  8. Oh ok its just some files you use to get a complete cookbook
  9. seems suspicios,can someone with a bad pc check if this is trojan or not?
  10. this does put a smile on my face Because this IS a messagem from lord nergal he DOES await you on the Dread isle