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So basically I really love the gorge and all the victorian skins and Wormwood is one of my favorite characters. So i drew a victorian skin based on the sugarwood trees fro the gorge. Im new at all this forum stuff so forgive me if im sharing this in a wrong way idk if theres a place that i can share skin ideas and suggestions so i basically created my own topic. Anyways i really want to see a gorge themed Wormwood skkin in the game this is just a concept idea of mine i just wanted to share this somewhere that people from Klei can see and give me feedback about my art. Im a big fan of dst art style. I wanted to add references to  gorge event in this and made his iconic chest cyrstal as a gnaws favor. I dont have tablet or any fancy art program i used a mouse and its kind of hard so i didnt draw his bloomed forms. But i ave ideas for it too his leaves can grow like an afro and sap can drip from the hole in his chest. Anyways im really sorry if i made misspellings in this post english is not my main language so prabably i did a lot of mistakes here and there and write the whole thing in a random order.

wormwood the victorian.png

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8 hours ago, jpmrocks said:


I drew this originally as a Gorge skin idea, but people kept saying to use it for Guest of Honor. I could try giving a wack at drawing a Sugar Tree Gorge skin for Wormwood tho.

wow this really looks awsome and i agree it looks more like a guest of honor skin than a victorian skin i leally like the pose and everything i cant do that kind of stuff digitally so it always amazes me

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