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  1. Yeah but theyre harder to pull off then just selling off to the CCP. Granted, Canada's been getting eaten by China for the past few years any way, so it was only a matter of time.
  2. I drew this since non-Wormwood players love representing Wormwood players.
  3. I understand yall are wanting to get this update out ASAP, but please tweak the nutrients more. Old nutrients with the new 3x3 tile would be fine, the new change literally makes it a slog and just turns it into pre-update farming, just with 9 crops instead of 9 farming spots.
  4. I posted this on the main thread, but I'll post it here. I think Wormwood would benefit from having a Diary or something similar so he can access the plant info without needing a Gardineer Helmet.
  5. So I've drawn some Dont Starve art and such here and there, thought I'd post it here. First are some Wormwood skin ideas. This here is an idea I had for an "advanced" boss, sort of like how Variants in Monster Hunter work. Finally, a meme. Art.
  6. He never learned about the werebeaver tho. Him wanting to learn got him sucked into the Constant to begin with.
  7. So when is Walter getting downsides? He has nothing but pros.