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  1. Yeah but theyre harder to pull off then just selling off to the CCP. Granted, Canada's been getting eaten by China for the past few years any way, so it was only a matter of time.
  2. I remember people saying Woodie turned out worse after his rework.
  3. I like playing with groups, randos or friends. The problem with randos tho is that no pub makes it beyond Winter due to burnout, and I love going through Spring and Summer. Playing with friends allows for this, but then it becomes difficult finding a time when everyone can play.
  4. smh and they wont even give her buildings skins.
  5. For being a dev favorite, they really shafted her with her rework.
  6. "I use big words to make myself sound smart by completely ignoring the argument, that'll show him!" By your point being that best perks are ones unique to a character, 3/4 of the cast are terrible. Wes, Wormwood, Woodie, Maxwell, Wickerbottom, Wilson, Wendy, WX, Wortox, Wurt, Wigfrid, basically anyone not Wolfgang, Warly or Winona, as Wolfgang is the only one who can 6.6x damage, Warly, who's needed for Wolf to go beyond his natural damage increase, and Winona is the only one who brings catapults to the table. Everyone else, according to your logic, has bad perks. Ancient Tab I would say is end game, as the Labyrinth and all the ancient gear down below is very much designed with end game in mind, strong weapons, strong armor, extremely useful tools, etc. Even the new Library thing brings a lot of end game stuff. My issue with comparing Wolfgang to Wormwood is that Wolfgang is factually a horrendously overpowered character. His perk being great isnt that it's unique to himself, it's that it's so stupidly strong it takes all difficulty out of the game by simply eating a meatball. His downsides are nonexistant, and overall, is just brainless to compare THE metagod character to literally anyone else, because Wolfgang will factually be the better character. If you had compared Wormwood to, let's say Winona, or Wurt, or Wortox, or anyone NOT the metagod Wolfgang, it wouldve been a much more just comparison. And when I say Wurt is the only selfish character, she's the only character where everything she does benefits only herself (except for, I suppose, Wolfgang). No other character in the game with unique craftables is remotely close to how selfish Wurt is (granted, Wurt is designed around this). With fertilizer, Compost Wrap is the strongest, You would need both Glommer Goop AND regular Compost to have the same effect as Compost Wrap (however, the devs confirmed they are planning on buffing Nutrients, so who knows how this will change, but Worm's will still probably be top tier unless Super Nutrients and Compost get a megabuff.)
  7. Apparently he doesnt read his own info then if he's comparing Wormwood to Wolfgang, factually the strongest character in the game. That's like having NBA pros compete against paraplegics in basketball.
  8. I drew this since non-Wormwood players love representing Wormwood players.
  9. What's he gonna do, tell us to quit Dont Starve again?
  10. Yeah, most of the sets are one offs for specific characters, usually based off of a popular theme. Like, Industrious makes sense for Winona, it's her Voxola Industries uniform. Minotaur and Uncorrupted fit Wortox, famous monster and we've seen non corrupt Wortox. Sets for Wormwood, are usually based on popular basing spots. Hollow is for caves, Oasis is for, well, the Oasis.
  11. Need to chop trees? Dont bother with Woodie, all he does is save resources early game. Also, it's an Ancient Crafting station helmet. Not the standard one. So, Wormwood has the perks of a late game item right out the gate. Wolfgang is revered because he has extremely broken, braindead gameplay. It's one of the reasons why a lot of long time players want him nerfed. He has no downsides, and gets a 6x damage multiplier, as well as an increased movement speed. Comparing Wormwood to Wolfgang shows how little you know the game. That's not even remotely why Wurt is "controversial". She's seen in negative light because she's the only selfish character (funnily enough, she actual benefits Wormwood with a merm king). She doesnt provide to a group early game like all other characters, she provides to groups in late game. She's the only character designed with long term in mind, (well Wormwood too, unless you count Spring start). All other characters are designed around Winter being the cutoff point. Also, he has that. Compost Wraps are the best fertilizer in the game (granted, Klei has confirmed theyre going to buff nutrients) but Wormwood's Compost Wrap is the only Nutrient that covers all 3 needs (Glommer's does this as well, but Compost Wrap is stronger). Klei has confirmed theyre going to puff Wormwood more, tho this is more in ties with the Nutrients. I want iron from Hamlet to get in, just because I'd love to have things like Sprinklers and Oscillating fans. Even the Thunderhelm would be nice.
  12. That can also be said about the cook book. Or fishing. Or literally anything else in the game. If you know what to expect, why play anything else then Wilson.
  13. You can treat new farms like old ones, you just wont easily get seeds back.