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  1. "She is black, therefore, is Walter's mother". This is like the whole "Warly is Walter's dad" thing all over again.
  2. Well, thats because Wormwood's Triumphant is based off of Nightshade Belladonna, a victorian flower known for being extremely poisonous, which fits extremely well with his Hamlet origins.
  3. I was using it in the Ruins during nightmare cycle, the skin glows red like the Ancient Herald's cloak, so I think youre right. Because Wormwood is a character essentially designed around Spring starts in Spring start, he starts out fully bloomed. Same. That and they buff his Compost Wrap to be worth making.
  4. Either I feel could work, tho bottles are also a currency in a sense.
  5. What if only Wendy and Wilson left on the boat cause everyone else was basing/died on Lunar.
  6. Why not just glass? You used bottles in SW to make spyglasses, we can use glass now instead.
  7. I'm waiting for Winona Buildings to get skins, Warly's kitchen to get skins, and Wormwood's bramble gear to get skins.
  8. My only complaint about Wormwood's skin is that it mentions Nightshade, but not specifically Nightshade Belladonna, the famous poisonous flower. Having Nightshade being the general term, Wormwood's skin is possibly a bell pepper.
  9. There's a lot of great stuff and a lot of stuff that needs work with Troubled Waters thus far. Good: - Lunar Island and it's great add-ons (lunar trees giving more wood, stone fruit, alternative routes for dragon fruit and gems, lunar moth pet, kelp) - The Hermit and Associated stuff, like treasure hunting and trading - Sea Weeds and Barnacles - Ocean Travel and ship upgrades - Salt Boxes Bad: - Fishing is really underwhelming (too many useless fish, only 5 fish are really worth anything. Some of the lures just dont work) - Malbatross and Crab King are amazing fights, but with honestly bad rewards (malb sail and beak would be great if it there was more to it than just "fast", and the trident takes too much work to get for so little reward) - Too much water with nothing to do. Travelling oceans is a snore fest
  10. So I've drawn some Dont Starve art and such here and there, thought I'd post it here. First are some Wormwood skin ideas. This here is an idea I had for an "advanced" boss, sort of like how Variants in Monster Hunter work. Finally, a meme. Art.